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23 Jun 2014


23 Jun 2014


Anyone who is reading this, and as a mum like me, would know that after having our precious children: A flat tummy is long gone! (Well, if we're not Victoria Beckham or Kate Middleton who’s waist’s seem to look even tinier after a day of giving birth!)

How do  they do it!?

With all our imperfections (And believe me : No one is perfect) We still strive to want to look our best, especially in Summer. Sometimes (Only just about every morning and night) I close my eyes and wish I had the ‘perfect body’ (The one we all have envisioned in our heads). All I am seeing this Summer are crop tops, sheer tops, and nets! Which, let’s face it, will never come close to hiding anything! Would it? Thank god, prints and Black & White are so in : Great for me!:) I am the conservative type, so I tend to experiment with colourful shoes, bags and accessories rather than bold pieces of clothing. “Orange is the new Black” – This is the latest fashion hype going on this season! Not for me though! – I am quite pale skinned and if you're not a superwoman or some kind of hero mother, you’ll know that we never have time to get a suntan! You will also know that our ‘trips to the beach’ only include putting a tub of sun cream on our children, making sand castles and wiping off ice creams off their faces.

So ladies, to cut the long story short, orange will not do the trick for us. So what do I do personally?! ‘I stick to the original BLACK!’ Here’s what I shall be going for this Summer:

Here's a simple monochrome outfit. I paired a monochrome pair of trousers with a simple white top. I added the vibrant orange with this beautiful Cat's eye stone ring. Very important for us ladies - Comfy wedges and a huge bag! (Something we know we cannot leave home without!) And last but certainly not the least - The dainty statement Frog necklace which gives the perfect edge.

This second outfit is a casual twist. Something I would definitely wear to work. Long skirts (+10 for comfort here!) A floral top, silver flat sandals and of course, accessories! I personally love this stainless steel heart necklace paired with the stainless steel ring and earrings.

I saved MY best for last! The comfy jeans, t-shirt and trainers! (A mother's everyday dreamy outfit) As you can see, a pop of colour is all you need. I've added some greenish tones with the trainers and dainty glass stone bracelet which make a huge overall difference to the entire outfit. The statement curb chain and the gold studs are a must for me. Gold on a white tshirt looks incredible!

Ladies, there is no denying that we all know that 1 person who can literally carry everything! (Annoyingly lucky!) But all of you out there, who are conservative and simple in their style like I am, STEP IT UP! Your shoes, bags and most of all – your jewellery are a great asset to your outfit! You have no idea how amazing those simple “boring” clothes that have been hanging in your wardrobe will look like with a little effort and boost!

Go for it! Accessorise your basics! – Be yourself & feel like a Queen.

Love, Belle

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