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25 Jun 2014


25 Jun 2014


Whenever you see Angelina you will notice she just loves dainty necklaces and she looks absolutely amazing when she wears them. It's really difficult not to want to be a little bit like this amazing woman. I think she has it all. I am not a huge Cinema fan however there are a couple of movies I tend to want to watch from time to time (most of which are from Disney: I’m a mother!) At the moment the first on my “want to watch list” is Disney’s Maleficent which stars Angelina Jolie. Apart from the base of the story itself which I find really interesting (makes us feel like little girls once again), I find Angelina Jolie to be a good role model for our children and us adults too. She is one of those women who are always on their best behavior and unlike many Hollywood stars she has kept a steady partner (who wouldn't hold him tight?! – Brad Pitt).

The Stainless Steel Frog Necklace a unique piece, it was truly love at first sight for me.
Angelina layering her jewellery too :) (we love layering) I love layering the Mvintage Cubic Zirconia Stainless Steel NecklaceShoe Charm Stainless Steel Necklace and Spider Stainless Steel Necklace.

I find jewellery to be THE THING that makes our outfits look that little bit extra special. It only depends how and what we layer on that simple t-shirt or dress and it will make a huge difference, this is how I like to combine my jewellery with my plain t-shirts.

Stainless Steel Curb Necklace, Stainless Steel Cross Necklace, Stainless Steel Zirconia Studs, Stainless Steel Watch Band Bracelet and Stainless Steel Zirconia Ring on t-shirt and jeans.

I enjoy watching her success growing because she is a woman that helps the ones in need. Apart from that I find that we can all look a bit like her in style since she has quite a simple style. Being a mother herself I see her a lot in the comfy clothes and shoes (she looks stunning without making an effort). She wears flats when with her children and heels when with Brad or alone (not too complicated). However, if I was her I would still add a dainty necklace when I am in flats and comfy clothes to add a bit of glamour to my daily look and when at evening occasions with heels and Brad Pitt I'd wear a statement necklace (just saying: statement husband with statement necklace, just great!) This is what she wore ahead of Maleficent's Japan premiere: the plain and simple black dress and flat sandals (our feet sing Alleluia and Amen to this). I used to look at these celebrities and say “I can never afford their clothes”. So if you’re like me and think you can never afford the exact same clothes she is carrying, wait a minute (I will reveal a secret to you). I did some research so now we can all look a bit like Angelina! (not the face and not her wallet obviously)

Angelina and her amazing children ahead of Maleficent's Japan premiere. This is my (more affordable) version of what she wore for in the above picture (with my choice of glass stone jewellery): All we need now is her bank account and Brad Pitt ;)

I have chosen the Clear Oversized Glass Stone Stainless Steel NecklaceClear Glass Stone Stainless Steel Bracelet and the beautiful Clear Glass Stone Stainless Steel Earrings.

There are endless options from where to buy that simple black dress that we can wear on special (or not so special) casual occasions (and which will not make you spend all your pay check). Wearing different shoes and Mvintage Jewellery would make that simple black dress, THE dress! Now, everyone will ask you “where did you buy that from?” or tell you “you look stunning”. Then you can smile back and say “Thank You” (I never tell where I got that bargain from). This will be our little secret! Items in a clearance or sale section can most of the time be what you’re lacking in your wardrobe to complete your look! Cheers, Belle

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