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01 Aug 2014


01 Aug 2014


For most people, me and my family included, summer means holiday season! We work our butts off the whole year to enjoy that one family holiday sometime in the summer months. To get to your desired place of relaxation, most of the time you will need to get to an airport first, which only means one thing...METAL DETECTORS! Every time I go abroad and approach the metal detectors, I see people worrying and fretting all around me, wondering what to take off and what to leave one. It is not the first time that the woman in front of me takes about 5 minutes to take off her jewellery pieces alone!

Are you going on holiday anytime soon? Want to wear stylish jewellery which you can easily take off and put on? I am not one to get out of the house without a jewellery item but minimal is key when you know that you are going to pass through a metal detectors. A small dainty necklace is always the easiest way to go. Just one click, it's off your neck and you're done! This frog stainless steel necklace is on the one hand, very minimal but on the other hand, cute and stylish. However, if you're a big jewellery fan and think that's too minimal for you, you can always go for the matching bracelet together with the necklace.

Another quick and easy alternative is to wear a long-ish necklace like this over sized glass stone necklace. If you're asked to take it off, all you have to do is pass it over your head and you're good to go! Stress free!

You can always go for one statement ring to define the whole outfit. This glass stone ring will help you do just that!

If you can get through the metal detectors without it beeping, then you can get through anything! Have a lovely trip! Lyn xxx

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