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25 Jul 2014


25 Jul 2014


Let's face it: one of the most annoying things is having to rush from work to a date, party or other social event with little time to change in between. And with the summer heat, the last thing you would feel like, is trudging along with a massive bag containing a whole outfit overhaul. Fret not, my friends, as help is at hand! Have you ever considered how a simple change in jewellery can make an outfit completely different? Today, this being also my first MVintage post, I bring you a small selection of very simple changes that you can work into your wardrobe and which can very easily fit into your bag. Starting off with some basics - a crisp white shirt and a smart black skirt ... two things that practically all women have in their closet. Add a pair of heeled sandals and a nice lady bag to carry your work essentials and a cute pair of shorts. Once it's party o'clock untuck your shirt, change into your shorts and ... go large!

I'm not a huge fan of matchy-matchy jewellery, but some corporate environments would require it. Start the day with a dainty stone necklace and end it with its oversized sister! I personally love this piece and I'm dying to treat myself to the whole set.

change the game!

wear them both on the same day? The office environment in the morning would be more appropriate for the petite option while the after-hours can certainly handle a good dose of bling.

layer up!

And I'm certainly not talking about clothes here! Layering necklaces is another trend that's picking up these days - start off with a narrower curb for the morning and add a thicker one (or two) for the evening. Why not add a pendant too? The more is really the merrier in this case!

shine bright!

Sometimes, you don't need necklaces to shine. A simple pearl earring and stackable rings combo is enough for the morning but the evening would call for some glam. Try statement earrings and a cocktail ring for a more sophisticated affair.

  Hope you enjoyed this post as much as I had fun writing it! Let me know which combination you prefer in the comments section below ... I'm waiting! xx mar.s.

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