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02 Jul 2014


02 Jul 2014


Good afternoon dear readers! Today I want to introduce you to Cecille, a very sweet humble French student who has been working with Mvintage on a scholarship from France for these past 2 months.  

Magnifique Cecille in Malta

Unfortunately, these 8 weeks are nearly over, and there is a question I wanted to ask her which I was so curious to know the answer to! :

So Cecille, you have been working by our side (And our jewellery of course!) for these past 2 months! Which ONE accessory is a MUST HAVE in our collection?  " I must say it's very difficult to determine just one! Thinking back at what I wore, and what all of you have worn, I must say it has to be the stainless steel curb chain! You can wear this necklace when you want ... with anything you want! It is so versatile! It can be worn by itself, or easily layered with other necklaces.  This is a necklace that everyone can style in his or her own way. You can go to work, to the food shop, to have a drink with your friend or even a fun night out! This necklace is created for all of you women.  I can tell you that when being around the shops,  I could see that no body can resist not having a curb chain necklace. It is truly a must have!''  

THE CURB CHAIN NECKLACE - How am I not surprised? I must admit, that it is one of my must have's too! :) Here's how YOU can style and layer your own stainless steel curb chain necklace :

The 'IT' necklace paired up with the cute frog necklace! 

Here it is, with the wishbone!

And here it is! Featured in our Latest campaign together with the whole curb collection which you can view on our website HERE

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