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31 Jul 2019


31 Jul 2019

International Friendship Day

This summer we’ve focused especially on jewellery that can help our Mvintage tribe be bolder, be stylish and above all, be happy exactly like your bestie encourages you to be.

To celebrate International Friendship Day, we launched a brand new product - the Spin Engravable. To mark this special day, we also caught up with Claudia and Katya, two best friends and Mvintage loyal customers, whose positive energy and strong love for each other is an inspiration to us all. We talked about what they love doing, what they admire about each other and what it is about our Mvintage line that gives them personal inspiration.

We also gave them both our new Spin Engravable pendant, which they had engraved with a personal message on both side. 

Read on to find out more about the dynamic duo. Find out their favourite Mvintage items and get inspired by their Mvintage jewellery combinations and unique styles. 

Claudia recently graduated with a degree in Psychology and is currently working as a tutor for children with ASD (Autism Spectrum Disorder). Her ambition is to become a psychologist. She’s an avid make-up artist and loves exploring new looks.

Katya has just graduated from university with a degree in maths and statistics. Currently on a short sabbatical from studying and work, Katya has a quirky style and is a keen animal lover. In fact, she has two pet rats at home that she loves dearly.

Both girls, who are originally from Gozo, have the wanderlust bug and absolutely adore discovering new countries.


So, Claudia and Katya you're best friends! :) How did you guys meet? What do you remember about that moment?

Claudia: We both love travelling, so it’s not a surprise that we met whilst on holiday back in the summer of 2012. We were on a Mediterranean cruise with our families. I kind of knew Katya indirectly, she was a friend of a friend. We ended up hanging out for the entire cruise, which was amazing and then it continued from there.

Katya: I remember when Claudia approached me and asked me if I’d like to hang out after dinner. I was shy but she was super friendly and we ended up together pretty much every day of the trip. We used to laugh so much and had such similar personalities that after we went back home, we kept in touch.

If you had to describe each other in just three words, what would they be?

Claudia: I’d say reliable, generous and adventurous.

Katya: To me Claudia is bubbly, kind, and optimistic.

What do you love most about each other's character?

Claudia: Katya has a wonderful kind heart and she always goes out of way her to help people close to her.

Katya: I love the fact that Claudia is always smiling and ready to put a smile on anyone’s face!

What do you admire most about your best friend’s style?

Claudia: Katya's style is quite unique. She incorporates bright colours with a sort of vintage fashion style. It’s very original.

Katya: Claudia manages to keep her outfits classy no matter where she is. I also love that she always wears make-up that perfectly matches her outfit.


So tell us, what do you love about Mvintage jewellery?

Claudia: Mvintage jewellery is just so amazingly versatile. I can wear them for any occasion. Plus all the pieces that I own have a special meaning to me. They are very classy and dainty. They also look good with every outfit.

Katya:  My favourite thing about Mvintage jewellery is that I can wear them for any occasion! They are so delicate and stylish. They look good with my formal dresses, but I also wear my necklaces to the beach and they still look amazing. They make great presents since they look gorgeous in their boxes and in fact the first Mvintage purchase I made was a gift for Claudia’s birthday!

Which of Mvintage's range of jewellery is your favourite and why?

Claudia: My favourite jewellery from Mvintage are the Birthstones. The colours are so vibrant and pretty! In fact, my first ever piece from Mvintage was a necklace of my May birthstone which was given to me for my birthday by Katya and two of my friends, it also symbolises friendship. I wore it every day until I bought more necklaces from Mvintage.

Katya: So hard to choose! I have my favourites from each collection, but I would have to go with the Mvintage Heritage Collection since I love the vibrant colours, as well as the Maltese influence in the design.

How do you like to style your Mvintage jewellery?

Claudia: I love wearing different pendants on the same necklace. At the moment I’m absolutely obsessed with wearing a necklace with three pendants: my initial pendant, the Crescent Horn & the Red Heritage birthstone, which is the birthstone for passion. I think I wear it every day! I like to keep my everyday outfits simple and minimal, then accessorise with Mvintagejewellery.

Katya: I absolutely love stacking and layering gold Mvintage necklaces with everything. Especially baggy tops or flowery midi dresses and I like to pair them off with gold hoops and silk bun scarves.


How do you express your personality in your style?

Claudia: I like wearing clothes with a neutral tone and then I put on Mvintage jewellery to introduce a touch of colour and a more 'fun' look.

Katya: My biggest fear is being a “follower” and wearing things just to be like everyone else. I prefer to wear outfits and accessories that are different, but still fashionable. Mvintage jewellery helps the outfit come together no matter how original (ok weird!) the clothes I buy are.


Mvintage has a wonderful collection of meaningful stones. Do any one of these stones have a special meaning to you?

Claudia: Yes! All the jewellery I own from Mvintage have a meaning behind them. One that is particularly special I received for my graduation. My Mum got me an engraved necklace with the graduation date and a message on it. Whenever I wear it it reminds me of all the years I spent studying at University. It kind of closed off the whole journey and experience of me studying to the final moment of being a graduate. :)

Katya:  Right now, Ambition and Willpower are my personal favourites, since they are the attributes that I had to remember to keep in order to successfully finish university.


Where do you think your friendship will be in 5 years?

Claudia: I want more trips with Katya!

Katya:  Even if life gets super hectic, I know we’ll still always find time to meet and do the things we love the most together.

What's your favourite way to spend time together?

Claudia: Trying out different places for food! We both have a busy life, but we manage to meet up after work or during the weekend for brunch or coffee to catch-up.

Katya: FOOD!! Ha-ha! Claudia and I are real foodies. We have our favourite spots where we like to meet and grab a bite to eat and catch-up. There’s nothing like a great cup of coffee and a piece of cake whilst discussing travelling and fashion, two things we both love.

Is there something about each other that only you two understand?

Claudia: It just takes one look and we immediately pick up on what the other person is thinking.

Katya: There are moments when someone else will say something and almost instantaneously we have the same thought. We just look at each other and burst out laughing!

Claudia and Katya are a perfect example of powerful, spirited best friends who love to be happy, bold and stylish together.

Here’s to more travelling, eating and creating super original styles ladies!

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Follow Claudia and Katya’s style updates on their Instagram channels.

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