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07 Jul 2014


07 Jul 2014


Despite the fact that I love how Malta's summer time exclusively means perfect beach and tanning weather, I have always been slightly envious of countries that experience a less scorching summer. For starters the below combination would be perfectly acceptable in such countries.

Similar to the fact that I don't understand why breakfast should be limited to mornings, I don't like the idea of having two sections in my wardrobe, one restricted to summer and the other to the winter season. However, since our climate prohibits us from having the best of both worlds, I don't see any other way. Not only does it limit our clothing but it also singles out our jewellery. Unfortunately, sometimes it gets just a little too sticky to wear several pieces of jewellery simultaneously. Instead of slowly watching yourself strip off one jewellery piece at a time; try limiting yourself to a few pieces that you know won't make you uncomfortable during hot summery days. Here are a few ideas. If you're going for a low cut top such as the very versatile cami top, steer clear from big statement necklaces. While in the winter they'll definitely look gorgeous and bound to make the necessary statement; in summer such a necklace might stick to your skin and get very uncomfortable. Pair up a dainty bracelet for a more sophisticated look. The below picture gives you a better idea on the matter, all items from Mvintage. All these dainty pieces from Mvintage are stainless steal, therefore, they won't tarnish if you're having a sweaty day!

1. Heart necklace and bracelet 2. Frog necklace and bracelet 3. Infinity necklace and bracelet

A statement necklace could work if you're going for a buttoned up shirt since the necklace would not be touching your skin but rather it would be a further extension to your shirt. If you're going for this option, you might want to keep your wrists free from any bracelets.

1. Grey & Yellow Stone necklace 2. Coral Stone necklace 3. Black Flower Stone necklace

During these hot summer months, the key is 'minimal but effective'! Lyn xxx      

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