International Sister’s Day is right round the corner. August 5th, and we can’t wait to celebrate the special bond! We’d like to think of our brand as more of a sisterhood and community; one of solidarity and empowerment. Bonded by blood and best friends for life, our sisters are the pals we didn’t get to choose but cherish through everything.

This year we’ve collaborated with the Zammit Stevens sisters: Jade, Yazmin and Jessica. These 3 stunning siblings gave us some insight into the joys of having your best friends with you for life, from your childhood memories to unforgettable moments to come. As part of this collaboration we’ve asked them some questions about their favourite aspects of sisterhood.

What qualities/characteristics do you cherish most in your sisters?

Jade: I love how they always seem to make the best out of every situation. Even if we're going through something difficult, they always manage to make me smile and remain positive. I also love the fact that they always put family first. I know I can count on them for anything!

Jessica: I love how determined they are, Yazmin with her weightlifting and Jade with her blogging. I am so proud of them, both following their dreams and working hard to achieve their goals.

Yazmin: Both my sisters are really honest people. Whether its an opinion about what I'm wearing or even something that has been bothering them, they're not shady about anything. Then as individuals, I'd have to say Jade is probably the goofiest & funniest person I know. A lot of people think she's this super serious quiet person at first when they meet her or see her through her social media...but she's actually the total opposite! I love that about her.

Then Jess is super caring and loving. Like she'll always realise when anyone in the family isn't feeling great and she'll just say something that lets you realise she's there for you. (& even though she's the quieter sister, her sarcastic jokes come out of no where and crack everyone up).

What is your fondest memory together?

Jessica: I would say sharing a room, I miss our late-night conversations. 

Yazmin: When we were younger we used to share a room, and when we'd switch off and get ready to sleep, we'd just sing random songs like we were in a choir. It was really loud and silly, we still burst into song randomly when we meet now too.

Jade: Going on family holidays when we were younger :)

What is your favourite way to spend time together?

Yazmin: DEFINITELY pool days!

Jade: Brunch! We love brunch, it's a must for every Sunday. We also love going to the beach or watching Disney movies together.

Jessica: Since I’m married and no longer live at home Sunday is family day. We love our breakfast dates every Sunday morning, followed by an afternoon at the beach or chilling on my sisters bed watching movies.

Are you closer now than when you were younger? If yes why?

Jessica: Definitely, I think the older we get the closer we become. I know that no matter what they will always be there for me and they give the best advice!

Jade: Yes :) As we grow older we become more similar which makes us love spending time with each other even more. Also, going through tough times together makes us grown even stronger.

Yazmin: I think we were always extremely close, but it feels like our relationship gets stronger and stronger as we get older. It's probably because we've been through a lot of great and also tough times together.

What do you share in common with your sisters and where do you differ completely?

Jade: I think what we have in common is that we all find each other hilarious and love making fun of our mum and dad haha but then our characters are quite different.

Yazmin: Our sense of humour is very particular...so we all always have so much fun laughing together, but other than that I think we're all SO different!! Like I'm a full time athlete, and both my sisters have never really practiced a sport, Jade is obsessively organised while I am...well not. And Jess has everything figured out she's so put together, and I think me and Jade mostly wing it through life! 

Jessica: The three of us have very different characters but we’ve been told we have the same mannerisms. I think we have a similar sense of humour, we laugh at silly things that not everyone seems to understand.

What is the best gift you’ve received from your sisters?

Yazmin: This is going to sound EXTREMELY cheesy, but for me it's nothing materialistic they've given me that I cherish most. It's their incredible support.. for people who weren't ever into sports (let alone weightlifting which is what i do) they've all of a sudden become experts, they come to all my meets, and they're always there for me when I'm having a rough time. they both really believe in me and i honestly don't think i'd be where i am in my career as an athlete without them.

Jade: Being the youngest, my sisters have always spoilt me a little bit growing up, I love everything they ever gave me, it's impossible to choose one!

Jessica: A couple of years ago for my birthday, they gave me these really cute cat shaped flower pots. Might not mean anything to a lot of people but they make me smile and I love them.

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