April 2022 Horoscope

April 2022 Horoscope

April may be the month of fools but our crystal ball is no fool! We looked deep into our shiny sphere to find out more about what the future holds. Interested? Keep on reading.


This month you are a hustler. Work will not stop for you but you are determined to get your tasks done and to achieve all your professional goals with a giant cup of coffee in one hand and your fancy planner in the other. 


Aquarians relish their freedom and personal space. There is nothing wrong with lending a helping hand but your attention you should be focused on you. You are your best friend. 


The first half of the month is features the coming together of planets in Pisces. April offers you a soft bed of flower to rest on. Slow down. Take a break (even a Kit Kat because why not?) because you will need it. As soon as the 15th of April rolls around, your strategy will change and you will be busy as a Bee


Aries season is the cosmic fresh start we all need. As flowers start to bloom, birds start chirping and the Sun starts shining, the Aries star sign brings in a wave of freshness and novelty. Cherish it!


This month you might be feeling closed off and reclusive from yourself and not from your social circle. Love yourself can be cliché but it is very important. We are envisioning this kind of self love coming to you in droves. Accept it with open arms! 


Please have your heart and palms wide open to receive the honour and recognition you deserve. Stop downplaying yourself. You are a superstar! 



Now more than ever, you are inclined to explore the grass that's greener on the other side. Find out if that unfamiliar landscape can shape your future. Do not be afraid to ask questions and have debates with people who have different perspectives than you do. That is how you learn and grow.


Leo, you are soft and resilient. These two qualities are polar opposite but yet, they go together like your inhales and exhales. Let these qualities shine through because they are beautiful qualities to have.


Loosen your tight grip and let mistakes happen. Do not be stingy with yourself! Feel the groove of life and dance with it with no apologies. Do not hold yourself back. Life is a beautiful journey to experience but only if you allow it. 


Give your heart room some thrill and delight. Your attention is the most important resource. Look forward to things, whether that's cleaning up your space, writing down your thoughts or even cooking a full breakfast in the morning. 


April proposes a climactic peak for all the creative possibilities you can offer yourself. Use this month to your advantage. Exhaust all possibilities and opportunities that are thrown your way. Do not say no to new possibilities. 


Delight in the sweetness of being alive. Make it so that everyday hums like good music that cradles you. Be a risk taker because nothing ever grows in a comfort zone. Lean into risk taking. 

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