The perfect pendant for those who experience a strong desire to travel and explore the world - the adventure seekers. Empower yourself by broadening your horizons and exploring new destinations. 


Get to your final destination with the Mvintage Compass. A compass guides you to wherever you want to go and serves as a symbol of safety and protection. Don't let fear be your map - the Mvintage Compass is always there with you. Take the plunge and hold your Compass close so you can find your way beyond your fears.


Our Dreamcatcher is a meaningful tribute that you can wear close to your heart; a personal reminder to encourage every woman, or yourself, to KEEP DREAMING. Special moments in your life depend on you. Set your dreams. Be passionate. Work hard. Go catch them. Giving up is never an option. Nothing should ever stop you from dreaming.


The Mvintage Butterfly and Renewal Pendants were created with fibromyalgia and ME sufferers in mind. For many, a touch even as light and as gentle as the touch of a butterfly's wing can cause unbearable pain. These pendants serve as a reminder that like the butterfly, fibromyalgia and ME sufferers are often fragile, and we must be gentle with them. Above all, we can never judge how someone else is dealing with pain and exhaustion that we may have never experienced. This Collections forms part of a collaborative campaign between Mvintage and the ME, CFS & Fibromyalgia Alliance.


The jewellery pieces forming part of THE CLOCK collection symbolize renewal and regeneration, as the start of each new day offers us another chance to chase our dreams and work hard for the goals that we set for ourselves.

The magic that happens at midnight gives us the power to be strong, empowered women, ready for all the excitement and the challenges that we are bound to encounter throughout our life journey.


A NEW addition to the Special Moments Collection: introducing the NEW Good Luck Pendant. Inspired by the Clover Flower, this pendant will bring you all the lucky vibes you need. THE CLOVER FLOWER IS A SYMBOL OF GOOD FORTUNE AND PROTECTION. It is also the perfect gift to show someone how lucky you are to have them in your life.


A symbol of STRENGTH and STABILITY. The anchor pendant is a personal shoutout to the steadfast people in our lives.