The ĊIKKA Sunglasses are the ultimate accessory for the bold, the free-spirited, and the unstoppable. Designed for those who embrace their individuality, ĊIKKA shades are more than just eyewear – they're a statement of empowerment. With ĊIKKA, there are no rules, no boundaries – just endless possibilities. It’s time to stand out from the crowd, because being you is what matters! 


The Iklin Sunglasses are a tribute to the town that hosts Mvintage’s flagship store, which first opened its doors in 2019. Named after the aromatic herb rosemary (‘klin’ in Maltese), Iklin is a young locality that serves as the home and workplace of a rich diversity of people, and this is reflected in the design of these stylish sunglasses.    


The Kalkara Sunglasses are inspired by the timeless charm of the town of Kalkara, home to the Mvintage store at Shoreline Mall. Kalkara’s design effortlessly transitions between exploring adventures to savouring cityscape views. Just as Kalkara's historical significance endures, these sunglasses pay homage to the city's resilience through their everlasting style. 


The Naxxar Sunglasses take inspiration froma village that has stood the test of time. The people of Naxxar are believed to have been among the first to help the shipwrecked St Paul, and it is in fact known to be the first Catholic village in Malta. As the story goes, Naxxar was also the final stop during the Great Siege in 1565, which saw the retreat of the Turks from the island. Naxxar: Resilient, generous, and valiant.. 


The Valletta Sunglasses are a reminder of the opening of the first Mvintage shop in St Lucia Street back in 2018.Classic, timeless, iconic: thesquare frame of these sunglasses resonates perfectlywith Malta’s capital, a Baroque gem anda truly unique city that stood the test of time thanks to the courage and resilience of its people.


The Sliema Sunglasses take us back to the opening of the very first Mvintage store in 2012 – a kiosk at The Point Shopping Mall in Sliema. Their design is inspired by life in the vibrant town centre, which is filled with an eclectic mix of shops and cafes. Sliema is all about sass and style, just like these stunning sunglasses.  


The Pinto Sunglasses are inspired by one of Malta’s oldest cities; Qormi has been an important cultural and religious hub for centuries, but it was Grand Master Emanuel Pinto de Fonseca who accorded the locality the status of a city. Pinto was Malta’s longest-reigning grandmaster and he renamed Qormi ‘Città Pinto’ in his honour in 1743.


The Victoria Sunglasses are named after Gozo’s capital, one of the oldest cities on Malta’s sister island. Just like the queen she was namedafter,Victoria is regal in her beauty. Thecateye shape of these sunglasses is fitting for any queen. She is independent, she is royal, she is elegant.