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08 Jan 2019


08 Jan 2019


What a year it’s been!

The new year brings a time for reflection and celebration; of milestones reached, relationships built along the way, and aspirations for 2019 ;)

First and foremost, as a brand we’d like to say a BIG THANK YOU to our supporters and customers. Thank you for being a part of our journey. Mvintage started off as a pipe dream and has now become a household name. We are unbelievably grateful for the success achieved and embrace the next chapter in our journey.

2018 was accompanied by a series of milestones that have been integral to our growth as a brand and community.

The launch of our Fall/Winter 2018/9 Collection came with an impressive jewellery design upgrade. We’ve always been passionate about personalisation and customisation, however in 2018 we introduced a collection that spoke to our essence as a brand; interchangeable designs destined to create a narrative through meaning and personalisation. We also introduced ENGRAVABLES, allowing you to create a unique piece with a heartfelt message.

Our proudest success in 2018 was the opening of our FLAGSHIP STORE in Valletta, accompanied by our move one floor up in a NEW bigger and fresher kiosk on Level 0 at The Point. Having worked towards this for years, the sheer joy this milestone has brought to us is immeasurable. Mvintage’s first flagship store marks a crucial stage in our journey and heralds in a new chapter of growth.

This milestone was celebrated with a launch party; surrounded by individuals who have supported us throughout the years, inspirational women who have been our muses in establishing the core values our brand holds dear as well as our amazing customers. 

2018 marked another year of celebrating and supporting women. Mvintage was founded on the core values of Women, Family and Fashion. This year we continued to grow the our community through a combination of the cores Women and Family. We continued to highlight women who inspired us along our journey; from mothers to activists and business women, giving them a voice on our platform to empower through their narratives.

We also carried out our philanthropical duties as a brand by working with a series of organisations devoted to supporting women from all walks of life; these included Marigold Foundation for Breast Cancer Awareness, Dar Merhba Bik; an NGO dedicated to sheltering victims of domestic violence, Ursuline Sisters, SUPPORTING1ANOTHER; a community dedicated to raising awareness for Type 1 Diabetes, and a number of local organisations in need of support.

As 2019 progresses we shall continue to support women as we have always done; through sharing their stories, empowering them and highlighting their strength, and supporting organisations dedicated to the assistance of women in need.

In 2018 we welcomed growth in different forms; we embraced change, greeted new members to the team, celebrated defining milestones and opened a new chapter in our story of success. The future is bright and we cannot wait to share the next steps in our journey with you. 

Here’s to 2019 and what’s to come!

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