San Anton Gardens: A Tribute to Our Natural Heritage & Timeless Beauty

San Anton Gardens: A Tribute to Our Natural Heritage & Timeless Beauty

Anyone who was brought up in Malta or who raised their children here is likely to have fond memories of the beautiful San Anton Gardens in the Attard-Balzan area. This lush paradise has long been a haven of tranquillity and natural splendour, and for many holds cherished memories of childhood adventures, family picnics... and of course the resident peacocks. 

The garden is still home to these amazing birds, which brought about the initial idea for the San Anton Gardens Collection.  

Paying homage to Malta & Gozo's heritage

San Anton is a historic garden, so it also fits perfectly with one of our core values – that of paying tribute to Malta and Gozo’s heritage. It is a public space that forms part of the grounds of San Anton Palace, which serves as the official residence of the President of Malta.  

Originally built in the early 17th century as a country villa for a knight of the Order of St John, Antoine de Paule, San Anton was used as a residence by several other Grand Masters and later became a British royal residence. The palace was named after Grand Master de Paule’s patron saint, Anthony of Padua. 

It is home to a variety of birds and other animals, as well as trees, shrubs and plants from around the world as it was customary for visiting heads of state to plant a tree during their stay. 

Elaborate, intricate designs to represent the majestic peacocks

In the words of Mvintage Founder Krystle Penza, our point of departure in designing this collection was that majestic birds such as the San Anton peacocks deserve jewellery that is elaborate and intricate. In fact, a mix of methods was used in the craftsmanship process. 

"We wanted to bring out the proud peacocks’ elegance and beauty in each meticulously crafted piece. We used high-quality materials like zirconia, enamel and semi-precious cateye stones to represent the beautiful eyespots on the peacocks’ feathers," Krystle explained.

The peacocks' eyespots symbolise the power of empowerment

Central to the collection is the motif of the peacocks’ eyespots – concentric rings that radiate outward in a stunning display of colour and symmetry. These eyespots symbolise the power of empowerment and the ripple effect of positive influence. Just as each ring grows larger and more vibrant, so too can one woman's impact inspire and uplift those around her. 

Krystle also spoke about versatility, which is key in the brand’s designs, with each piece offering endless styling possibilities. Whether stacked and layered for a bold statement or worn alone for understated elegance, the jewellery adapts effortlessly to any occasion. 

Creativity, innovation and exceptional craftsmanship

"At Mvintage, we take pride in our commitment to excellence. From concept to creation, each collection is infused with creativity, innovation and exceptional craftsmanship. The San Anton Collection is more than just jewellery – it is a celebration of timeless beauty and the enduring spirit of San Anton Gardens." 

As you explore the collection, may you be reminded of the magic of childhood memories and the lasting allure of nature’s wonders. With each piece, be it as a gift or a treat for yourself, may you carry a piece of San Anton’s enchantment wherever you go. 

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