If you’re a fashion enthusiast, then you know that when it comes to earrings - it’s a case of anything goes. Just spend 5 minutes scrolling through your favourite style bloggers on Instagram. You’ll see a variety of original looks using mismatched earrings, a single earring, multiple pendants stacked on long or medium sized hoops, everything is possible these days. 

With the launch of our new Pin Earrings, we’ve taken our interchangeable jewellery concept to a whole new level. The design of the new Pin Earrings gives you the flexibility to transform any flat backed pendant into stud earrings.

Available in gold, silver and rose gold, all you need to do is slot the front of the pin earring into any flat pendant, add the back and you’re ready to go. They may be small, but their versatility is second to none, especially when you want to explore unique looks using stud earrings this upcoming season.

Create contemporary earring designs with Munita pendants

Munita is a collection dedicated to creating iconic style. Partly inspired by the intricate shapes and designs of old Maltese currency, this vintage-themed collection exudes romance and nostalgic memories of times gone by. 

One of our favourite pendants to wear as a pair of stud earrings is the Two Mils Munita Pendant. Available in gold-plated stainless steel, the raised Maltese cross and exquisite detailing are captured in a memorable flowered edge design. When used with a set of Pin Earrings the result is both original and striking.


If you want something more personalised, the Twenty-Five Cents Munita Engravable Pendant, also in gold, has a perfect replica of the wreath of flowers which decorated the old 25 cent coin used in Malta in the 1970s. The centre of this serrated 8 edge exterior can be engraved, so you can add your story to this monetary memento of our nation.

For a more vintage-romance look, still with a hint of personalisation, you could choose the Domna Munita Engravable Pendant. It’s oval shape and beaded frame serve as a gentle reminder of tender love stories. You can add your initials, a special date or small design on these to create a look that’s unique to you. Worn as stud earrings it’s a vintage statement of personalised style.

On the theme of romance, the whipstitch design of the new Confidence and Independence Munita Oval Pendants couldn’t be more creative. Promoting boldness in its wearer, the Confidence meaningful stone boasts a slightly iridescent shade of emerald, whilst the Independent meaningful stone, features a warmer toffee infused colour and encourages self-reliance. You can complete the overall look here by pairing your stud earrings with a Munita-inspired layered necklace to create truly unforgettable style. 


Celebrating Maltese history, the Maltese Cross Maduma Pendants bring a splash of colour into your stud earrings. Available in a bold red or vibrant green colour, these circular gold-plated pendants are both cultural and fashionable. You can explore an entirely different look with the Geometric Maduma Pendants, available in gold or silver. A design inspired by antique Maltese floor tiles, these pendants are hand painted in shades of blue and red enamel and add just the right pop of colour to a brisk autumn day or a dark coloured outfit.

Your all-time favourites now as pin earrings!

We love bold colours and semi-precious stones infused with significant meaning. Worn as earrings, meaningful stones provide new ways to explore your personal narrative. Using the pin earring concept, you can transform any Signature collection pendant into a flattering set of stud earrings. 

The Admiration Stone, one of our latest releases for Pink October, features a feminine pink cat-eye stone and perfectly captures the heart of those you most love and respect. The October Birthstone, with its delicate pink multi-faceted glass, represents love. Worn as stud earrings, they add just the right amount of subtle passion to a wintery style.

Gold Bizzilla Pendants serve as a bold fashion statement. The complexity of the design, inspired by old Maltese lace, automatically draws your admirer’s eye to the nape of your neck. Paired with a classic outfit, these earrings create distinctive elegance.

A dash of positive energy

The bright blue stone of our Luzzu Eye Pendant captivated the Mvintage community far and wide this summer. As an amulet for safeguarding, this Eye of Horus inspired design is a chic way of re-interpreting Malta’s most iconic symbol. Sparkling, refined and just the right size to pin onto your ears.

A slightly more graceful style is offered by the new Salib Pendants. The flowered edges of the hollow Maltese Cross make a subtle statement of sweet faith. Given their length, these also look great on Hoop Earrings which can soften a more prominent jaw line. These pendants are available in gold, silver and rose gold.


Ward off negativity with a set of Hand of Fatima pendants as earrings. The ornate hollow design holds a dainty red glass stone that playfully bounces sun rays for a touch of flair. If you want to symbolise the endless possibilities of life, the Path of Life pendant combines willingness and wanderlust into a very polished design.

This way or that way, it all looks great 

The joy of earrings is that they can work with any outfit. As winter approaches, they can complement all necklines from high ones on polo necks and jumpers, to elegant dresses and casual daytime looks.

Hoop Earrings, which are still taking the fashion world by storm, give you the flexibility of stacking multiple pendants onto each earring, perfect for when one simply isn’t enough. The new Pin Earrings let you transform flat back pendants into contemporary stud earrings, giving you more possibilities to create unique looks.

With this new-found freedom on how you wear and enjoy your Mvintage pendants, the most difficult part will be arriving to your various activities on schedule. It’s easy to lose track of time when you’re trying new playful combinations that are a perfect reflection of your character.

Looking for more style inspiration? Check out this earlier blog on creating three dramatic new looks for autumn and winter with the new Munita collection.

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