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01 Oct 2020


01 Oct 2020

Surviving her own battle with breast cancer, Alison’s beautiful and courageous heart proves what real inner strength can achieve. A truly admirable lady for her will power and grace, that makes her our Admiration SHERO.


Mvintage Admiration Shero - Alison Kelly


Check Out Alison's Full Interview here:

As a devoted mother and wife Alison always put herself last. She always wished to have breast augmentation to feel more self-confident, but never felt it was the right time. After having her children and being in the right place in life she felt it was time to treat herself and have the surgery.

Four months following the surgery she realised there was a lump and upon getting it checked she found out it was Stage 3 breast cancer. Alison did not let this get her down. She stated that “In life you have 2 ways to go about things; you can either pity yourself and drown yourself in tears or else there is a time when you have to stand up straight and pick up the pieces and fight. Life is beautiful” 

Alison was fortunate to be surrounded by people who did not let her remain down in her low points. She had a lot of support from friends and family. “You do it for yourself and for others. I’m a fighter, I had a lot of support with whatever help I needed.”


Mvintage Admiration Shero - Alison Kelly


Alison is a woman that radiates strength and positivity. She lives life in the moment and tries not to let the little hardships take over her day. She gave some powerful words for the future generation of women’

“We are not the inferior species. Take care of yourself. Do not ignore going for mammograms, do not ignore yourself. I was sitting on the back burner and I missed my mammogram. Please go and get checked. It’s easy, it’s not expensive. It is something that we must do”


Mvintage Admiration Shero - Alison Kelly


Alison is being honoured as an Mvintage SHERO for her bravery and admirable attitude to life. Check out our Admiration pendants and enjoy endless playful combinations with these simple yet stunning pieces.


Mvintage Admiration Stone


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