We’re turning 6!

Birthdays are a celebration, a right of passage from one year to another. As a brand we are honoured to have made it through each milestone and we have cherished the journey so far. We also recognise that were it not for you..yes YOU..we would not have made it so far. So lets share in the celebrations this year. Let’s celebrate us, let’s celebrate YOU.

As a brand we treasure the value of empowering women in all aspects. Be it through the meaningful pieces we create destined to echo confidence and strength, the stories we run throughout our blog featuring our inspirations, or the organisations we chose to work with. We care about creating a sisterhood and endorsing female empowerment in a productive and influential manner.

This sentiment is reflected in how we train and collaborate with our team. We strive to create a fun environment brimming with talented and ambitious women, who can grow with us and carry on our values in their day to day lives.

In keeping with this we want to introduce a few members of our extended team and give you a sneak peak behind the Mvintage curtain; at the women who work so hard to make this brand what it is today.

Our Founder and Designer Krystle, a doting mum to 6 year old Francesca ( and 6 year old Mvintage ???? ). Krystle started Mvintage with a vision of brand that would not only provide women with stylish pieces but rather meaningful ones. Mvintage was created on the foundation of providing women with pieces they could cherish and wear with confidence; jewellery to echo the multiple facets of a woman identity, that could be customised to create a narrative to be worn. She carefully selected a sisterhood of hard working beautiful women to help her in her journey towards making Mvintage more than just a fashion brand, but rather a considerate one; focusing on the message that women are unstoppable and can achieve whatever their hearts desire with willpower and determination.

Petra, Mvintage’s Retail Manager. Petra works as part of a close knit team alongside Krystle. Having started off as a Marketing executive, Petra worked her way towards her current role through sheer determination and a display of a can do attitude. Starting off as a Marketing Executive, Mvintage provided ample opportunities of growth for a young woman such as herself to grow and flourish within the company.

Emma, Mvintage’s Marketing and Creative Team Leader. Emma started working at Mvintage straight out of university as a Marketing assistant. As a brand we love to see our team progress and bloom from one opportunity to another, we also love to highlight our staff’s talents. When asked how Mvintage helped her to grow here’s what Emma had to say:

“Mvintage has always been a space of growth and development for me. Having started from a place of inexperience I was always encouraged to run free with my creativity and this helped me to build up confidence within myself and gain the necessary experience to adapt to my current role. Krystle has been a great mentor and has always had a fondness for creating a space of openness and solidarity. In truth working here feels like working with a family rather than a 9-5 job haha”

We have also selected 3 of our lovely Sales Ambassadors to shed some light about their experience working with Mvintage and how the company has helped them to grow.

Esther, a 21 year old with a passion for all things make up related, and a deep respect for her friends and family.

How do you think Mvintage as a brand empowers women?

Esther: In my opinion, Mvintage empowers women in different ways starting from the meaningful jewellery pieces and ending with the Mvintage blogs put together by the amazing Mvintage team. Krystle empowers women through her passion for the brand, her role as a mother and dedication towards advocating for women. Apart from the various blogs highlighting inspirational female forces, Krystle also makes it a point to work with organisations that are specifically targeted at helping and encouraging women. Having said that, the jewellery pieces themselves empower our clients the most. Each piece has a specific meaning and story which enables the clients to wear our jewellery with pride and a scope.

Kristina, an energetic and bubbly 23 year old. Kristina loves travelling and has been a dancer for the past 15 years.

How does/has working for Mvintage helped you to grow?

Kristina: Mvintage , I feel, is a very close knit family. The whole team has created a great working environment and it is very clear that everyone on the team is extremely dedicated to the brand. The managers as well as Krystle herself has made me feel that there is potential for each one of us to grow within the company and has already given us so many opportunities after just a couple of months of working for Mvintage. Working for Mvintage has definitely helped me in terms of my people skills and now I have become very confident in having a conversation with a complete stranger, whereas before it was always something I tried to stay clear of. Apart from this, working here has  constantly motivated me to go after what I really want and that with hard work and perseverance anything is within my reach.

Dinahlee, an outgoing 20 year old with a flair for fashion and jewellery.

What is your favourite piece from the brand?

Dinahlee: I have many favourites and it’s very hard to pick one. At the moment  I have been wearing my Fearlessness necklace all day, everyday. I love the bangles and how they look when I layer them together. Every piece of jewellery I own has it’s own meaning and that is what makes Mvintage special to me. If I had to choose just one I would say that the Twist is my go to. My favourite thing about it is its versatility, the fact that there are different chains to choose from (I’m in love with the brown cat eye beaded chain at the moment) and the fact that you can change the stone and have a completely different necklace is something which I absolutely adore.

Birthday Offer!

Since we’re sharing in the birthday festivities we also wanted to share a little treat with YOU!

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