Find the Perfect Gift for the Perfect Mother

Find the Perfect Gift for the Perfect Mother

Our top Mother’s Day picks according to your mother’s personality 


A mother is your first friend, your best friend and your forever friend. Mum is a title just above queen. We can all admit that being a mum is not an easy task. A mum’s work is never really over – whether it’s taking care of toddlers, checking up on you when you’re sick (no matter how old you are), being there for your first heartbreak, helping you out whenever you’re in mention only a few! 

If you could describe your mother in one word...what would it be? We’re here to help you personalise your gifting this Mother’s Day and help you pick a gift that best relates to your mother’s traits and characteristics. Here are some of our ideas!  

A mum who always looks on the bright side of life 

A mother who always sees the positive in every situation. A mother who not only expresses joy but also manages to bring cheerfulness to all those around her. Your mum believes that when you focus on the  good things, good things will happen to you. And we have the perfect gift for your cheerful mum:

A mum who is ever so patient  

Love is patient. Love is kind. If your mum is the patient kind, she’s an angel sent from heaven. It’s not an easy characteristic to have. We have the perfect gift for your patient mum: Show your mum you appreciate all the times you gave her all the reasons to lose it but she still kept her cool! 

A mum who is VERY protective  

Some would say overly protective...but we believe that it’s almost in a mother’s genes to be very protective of her children. If being protective is the best way to describe your mum, we have the perfect gift set for her this Mother’s Day:

A mum who is brave and courageous  

 Mum, you are braver than you believe, stronger than you seem and loved more than you know. Your mum is strong, brave and courageous. We have the ideal gift for your strong mum: The perfect symbol this Mother’s Day for your mum to always be reminded just how strong she is. 


Empower - it’s what mums do. This Mother’s Day, give your mum the gift that she rightly deserves. Our jewellery has meaning and it tells a story. Buy a personalised gift that can help tell your mother’s narrative.