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06 Nov 2017


06 Nov 2017


This Holiday Season we focus on the true essence of Christmas. A time reserved for cherishing our loved ones and the meaning they bring into our lives. As part of tradition, we thank these special people by bestowing them with gifts; a small representation of gratitude for the joy they adorn us with. This begs the question-what makes the perfect gift? Ideally the perfect gift is personal and infused with meaning; a keepsake of the bond you share with someone, a little token of appreciation, a gesture that shows you really know what your loved one wants. You want that special person to open their gift and beam with joy because they have been given more than a gift, rather a tiny representation of themselves. You also want to avoid gift face (the face made when politely accepting a present you don’t like, a.k.a. socks from your grand dad) at all costs ;) Shopping for a gift is an experience, from the selection to the packaging. We want you to come away with a sense of fulfilment that you have selected the best possible gift to represent your relationship with a loved one. As a brand we pride ourselves on designing jewellery that is hand crafted to create memories, celebrate uniqueness and boast meaning. Whether you’re shopping for your mum or daughter, your sister or friend (or just want to treat yourself), we want you to Gift With Meaning This Christmas…giftMvintage Birthstones- our hand crafted faceted glass birthstones are the ideal gift to treasure, not just on one’s birthday but all year round. Gift a set or layer an initial necklace for an added personal touch. For your mother/daughter- A special bond deserves a special gift. Shower the person who gave you life, or gave your life meaning, with affection by gifting a treasure to symbolize your bond. Our Twist necklace is perfectly customizable, with engraved backs to relay a special message and hand crafted stones with individual meanings to represent your most cherished qualities. Look out for our Limited Edition Butterfly locket, a keepsake to hold your memories and a reminder to believe in yourself…always Sister/Best friend- Sisters are our best friends for life; Best friends are the sisters we chose. Celebrate your relationship with a caringly selected charm bracelet, or pick from our selection of natural stones; each carrying a beautiful meaning to represent a characteristic you admire most in them. Love- The person who knows you best may still need a little help when it comes to getting you something special. Avoid the awkward ‘I love its’ by dropping subtle hints. TAG them in our ‘Gift Ideas’ album, or send them your Mvintage wishlist directly from our website ;)

Teacher- Show your appreciation for the person gifting your children knowledge with a little treasure of gratitude. If you still have trouble finding the right piece, or aren’t sure what your loved one would like, then go for a gift voucher, no muss no fuss ;) All our gifts are packaged in elegant boxes with cards for every need and occasion. If you have loved ones abroad you can even send a gift directly to them with our free international shipping. Finally, a gentle reminder to enjoy the holiday season to the fullest and keep your loved ones close….Happy holidays from the Mvintage team xxx

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