Holy Communion Gift Guide

Holy Communion Gift Guide

While this is only the start of the many important religious milestones in your little girl’s life, her Holy Communion is a day that she’ll never forget. Celebrate her rite of passage with symbolic Holy Communion gifts that she will treasure forever. We’ve selected beautiful Mvintage dainty gifts for her to remember this special day by.

Moreover, we’ve selected gifts that are not only meaningful but also fun and that she’ll enjoy wearing. The perfect meaningful gift for her to treasure.

A Traditional Yet Beautiful Gift

The traditional cross sets the stage for delicate Holy Communion jewellery that shimmers beautifully against her white Communion dress. Our Holy Communion Salib Gift Set is a modern set inspired by the traditional cross that perfectly symbolises this important date in a girl’s life.


A Gift That Expresses Nothing but Joy

Holy Communion is the feast of the soul and it expresses the deepest sentiment of joy. A world of life, love and light has now opened up for your little girl. Our Joy Holy Communion Gift Set is the perfect gift to commemorate this special day. Our Joy meaningful stone, represented by a beautiful magenta coloured hand-crafted glass is the perfect stone to express elation and bliss.


A Gift from the Heart

For the more sophisticated girls. Our Holy Communion Zirconia Full Heart Gift Set is perfect for girls who are always after mum’s jewellery! Holy Communion expresses a heart that is so full of love and light that this Zirconia heart is the perfect symbol for this special day. Our Fjura Holy Communion Gift Set will also appeal to girls who are more mature when it comes to their jewellery likes!


A Gift for the Women of Tomorrow

Our Little Garden collection is one that empowers girls to constantly remind them to be joyful, enjoy their youth and to grow into strong women who confidently believe in themselves. Holy Communion prepares our little girls to be the women of tomorrow, to find love and light, and to be themselves in whatever comes their way.

Our Holy Communion Water Lily Set represents youth, innocence and joy while our Holy Communion Lucky Red Ladybug Set is a symbol of good luck which your daughter can carry with her, wherever she goes. Our Holy Communion Joy Hollow Butterfly Set and our Holy Communion Joy Colourful Butterfly Set represent joy, aliveness and brightness.


Browse through our selection of Holy Communion gifts for her to treasure, on this special day, and always.