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05 May 2017


05 May 2017

Dear Francesca, I love you so much and since the first time I held you in my arms you became my purpose in life.  Nothing is more important to me than being a good mum to you.  Being a Mum is the job I love doing most; possibly hardest job in the world for me, yet like any other job it comes along easier when done with love; so much love. I was myself brought up by a wonderful mum who dedicated her life and still does to the family, so having a career along side my motherly duties was initially very scary, as I feared that I would not be giving my daughter the love, attention and dedication she needed and deserved.  Also frequently I read very judgmental notes towards full time mums, to which I wonder if my daughter had to read, how would she feel about me? In life I believe that everyone has their journey, and everyone has a purpose for that journey.  Notwithstanding the busy life I would never give up picking up my daughter from school and having our little disco in the car… OH dear now if you see a crazy lady in a car; you know that’s me!  I never missed a school concert, parent’s day or sports day.  Every weekend my schedule revolves around her friends’ parties and activities. Francesca is my world and everyone at the office understands my motherly roles.  In the afternoon the girls at the office know she would be sitting around my desk, so meetings have to wait to the morning. The first thing she does is sit on my chair and moves away my stuff… literally driving me crazy at times when I have a deadline; ha ha…  but oh well I got used to this now and I also understand that at times she needs my attention like I used to with my mum. She is my world and I am hers, whatever happens she knows that nothing is more important than her, yet she also understands that at times I need to get some things done.  She is amazing because she has a great sense of humor and whatever happens (and as you may imagine running an international brand is full of challenges) she is really good at making me forget everything and realize that no matter what happens the most important thing for us is that we have each other; family.
My little assistant; that is what I call her! She is an expert in jewelry designing.  I look at her whilst she opens her sketchbook with such enthusiasm (whilst sitting on my chair and desk).  Later she would go to my compartment box (the old one obviously!) and she would put her creations together… well sort of!   Whilst at home she sits on the kitchen top and always asks how she can help me out. Francesca has always been my number one supporter and always made me feel so proud of who I am and what I do.   I can’t say the least about my husband Gordon who also supports me a lot; nowadays he is fully concentrated on Mvintage too so I have a lot of help from him both at work and with Francesca.  I must say especially with homework he is more skilful than me in maintaining the patience required J Indeed I feel very lucky to be able to share my life, passion and dreams with my family and my team; people I can trust and rely on at all times. Honestly I would like to give a high five to all mummies (or mums to be) out there, I believe no matter the situation or circumstances; no one deserves to feel guilty or feel being a bad mum as we all deserve our identity and also a work-life balance. Love to all, Krystle xxx
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