As a brand Mvintage prides itself on empowering women and celebrating their strength. We strive to create jewellery that echoes a story and bursts with meaning; a conversation piece rather than an accessory. We view our customers as part of a sisterhood of inspirational women; our muses to keep reaching for the stars and grow along the way.

The Mvintage woman is successful and passionate; she is strong, fun, loving and determined. She is the mother raising her children to be exceptional, she is the student striving for her dream career, she is the ambitious business starter.

She is YOU.

We want to put the spotlight on these women, to celebrate their passion and highlight their power. We are launching a NEW blog series where we interview a woman who inspires us.

For our first installation we interviewed Lexi Sciberras, a full time Midwife and mother of 4 beautiful children. Lexi inspired us because of her passion and dedication to her kids and career. As a midwife Lexi is essential to the process of bringing new life into the world, she guides and helps new mothers and provides a sense of ease and comfort during an exciting (albeit stressful) time. When it comes to her children, Lexi is devoted to spending all her free time with them and her loving and supporting husband Claude.

1)   What motivates you the most each morning?

I work late shifts from 7pm till 7am. As soon as I arrive home from work in the morning my kids, especially the young ones, come running to greet me happy that I’m home. I’ll be longing to see and hug them after my shifts. I’m also motivated by my loving husband who always has a cup of tea waiting for me, something I always long for as soon as I arrive.

2)   What is the most rewarding aspect of your career, and what is the most challenging?

The most rewarding aspect is the happiness and overwhelming feeling of helping a couple to bring their child into the world, you’ve stood by their side, you’ve comforted them and the outcome is a happy and healthy baby. No matter how many deliveries I’ve had its still very emotional for me, there’s that excitement in me always.

The most challenging aspect apart from the long hours is having to deal with delicate situations like pre term labors or even when there is a shortage of beds, seeing how to sort that out without disrupting any of the mothers. In addition ambulance calls, because you never know what to expect. Yes delivering a baby is the same if everything is ok however even just for the fact of not having your team with you as a support system can prove daunting.

3)   Any tips on how to balance being a full time mum and having a full time career?

I spend all day with the children when I am at home. Having 4 kids, all different ages, all their own different activities, timings and demands. However no matter how exhausted I am when I go to work I feel like “me, myself & I” & my energy starts a fresh almost. I strongly believe that no matter what would have happened at home when you go into work you can’t let it affect the couples, who are in your care or your shift mates. I am also very grateful for my eldest children, Maya and Tom, who really help me out; perhaps it wouldn’t be as easy to juggle so much without them as they are my extra set of hands and they really take good care of the younger ones.  I’ve had the right support system; my husband Claude is amazing. I know that if things aren’t finished like showers or homework with the children I can rely on him to get them done, and its quality time for him and the children together too.

What’s important to me is that there is always a fresh and healthy meal, which I make sure I prepare everyday for the family. The house could be falling apart but there’s always a good meal on the table for the kids.

Ultimately my family is my pride and joy, they will always be my no.1, so I will always do my best and the utmost that I can for them.

4)   What is the most precious life lesson your children have taught you?

My children have taught me unconditional love. I adore the feeling of being their everything; they always want and need their mummy, that makes me feel special.

5)   Who do you admire and why?

My mother. She’s such a good person; always positive, and I believe I am just as positive thanks to her. The love she has for the family and my kids is amazing. She’s a pillar of strength in the family and instilled values that I cherish and pass on to my kids. She’s always remained strong, no matter what’s happened over the years, holding us in her prayers.