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29 Mar 2018


29 Mar 2018


In our third episode of Inspirational Women, we direct our attention to the incredible Sue Caruana; a woman who has changed the beauty game in Malta and is a testament to following your dreams.

With her work base at Niumee Concept Esthetique along with her personal company Beauty Inc., Sue has cultivated an impressive career dedicating her life to her passion and striving to be the best. Her journey has been an uphill battle, filled with obstacles to be overcome and surpassed.

Sue inspired us because of her pure dedication to her craft and sheer determination to succeed. She is the personification of hard work and passion; a muse motivation us to aim for the stars and beyond.

We sat down with Sue and spoke to her about her journey, as well as any advice she has for those wishing to follow in her footsteps. Here’s what she had to say:

1. Can you tell us about yourself and what you do?

I am a 47 year old, single mother to two children and three dogs. I own a company called Beauty Inc. which specialises in nails, foot care, nail technology education and semi Permanent Make Up.

2. What motivates you in your everyday life?

Owning a business of my own has been a roller coaster ride. Many ups and many downs. But I have never regretted it for one minute and after all these years, I still really love my job.

3. How has your past driven you to be the woman you are today?

I suffer from depression which has made my life harder, however my children and my work always motivate me back to brighter days. I think that if I didn’t have my children and my work, depression would have engulfed and consumed me many years ago.

4. With starting a business of your own and being a single mum, how do you manage to juggle the two and find a balance?

Life hasn’t been easy (no ones life is) but as a single female, mother, employer and business owner, and no siblings,  day to day stresses can be overwhelming. I cope with a lot of help from various people, my home help being one of the most important people in my life ???? I do next to nothing at home, a little cooking is about it.

5. What advice would you give to women who are motivated to start their own business?

When I look back at my life, there are many things I would like to change but on the whole, I don’t regret much, a few financial mistakes are my main regrets. But, you learn everyday, you grow everyday, and I try hard to get better everyday. My biggest disappointments are people however, I have surrounded myself with people I like and people who bring something positive into my life and that, has made a huge difference.

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