Introducing our Follow Your Heart Concept

Introducing our Follow Your Heart Concept

Whatever you do, wherever you’re going – make sure to follow your heart, always 

 February is the month of LOVE – and what better symbol than a heart to represent that particular sentiment. However, what’s striking about our recent campaign is that we wanted to go beyond simply portraying ‘love’ expressed by one partner to the other. Although that, by all means, is important, we believe that the sentiment of love can take on different forms.  

Our ‘Follow Your Heart’ campaign emphasises the need and desire to follow one’s heart, wherever it may lead. Whether your heart leads you to your loved one, to celebrating every little moment with your friends, or to finding and loving yourself in the ways that you rightly deserve – your heart knows the way and all you have to do is follow it. Your heart has reasons that your head does not know about. You’d be surprised how many things fall into place when you learn to follow your spirit and speak with your soul.  





Our NEW collection acts as a reminder to follow your heart. Whether you want to spoil yourself, your soulmate or your friend, we have it all. Inspired by dainty hearts, our new jewel additions can be styled in so many different ways to represent your style and, most important, to represent your heart. From full gift sets to heart pendants that can be worn as necklaces and/or earrings, dainty bracelets and our famous spin pendants – our jewellery has the ability to tell your personalised story. It’s time to follow your heart and be the narrator of your own life.  

A collection from our heart to yours. The message is simple, follow your heart always. It always knows the way. Let joy be your goal and your heart be your guide.  

Follow Your Heart, Always!  

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