Is-Siġill - A Statement of Authenticity

Is-Siġill - A Statement of Authenticity

What is more important than our names? It is what makes our head turn when we are called, it is what makes us look up during class attendance and what Destiny’s Child sing about in their song ‘Say My Name’.

The campaign’s tagline is ‘A Statement of Authenticity’ is a celebration of our uniqueness and our identity. No one is you and that is your power. This collection features all the letters of the alphabet. Each pendant has a different outline shape, and every letter is uniquely drawn.

The inspiration behind Is-Siġill:

Is-Siġill comes to life from a joint collaboration between Mvintage and The Notarial Archives Foundation (NAF). The typography and designs of the manuscripts are what inspired this collection. Each pendant is designed to represent a wax seal and has a different outline shape, highlighting their uniqueness. Every letter is also specifically inspired from the manuscripts. The different designs of each pendant serve as a reminder to its carriers that the initial pendant represents their ‘seal’ which is authentic and unique to their identity.

Campaign shoot & photography:

As with all our campaigns, extensive thought is put into creating a concept. For Is-Siġill, the chosen location was Palazzo Falson in Mdina. The Palazzo dates to the 13th century. The stunning courtyard and interior perfectly capture the romantic, vintage element for this campaign.

We built the story about the poem 'Manifest għal Binti'. Written by Nadia Mifsud for her daughter, the author talks about the hardships women had to go through just because they are women. The poet wants her daughter to be free and live her life the way she desires. Every woman should be free to pursue her dreams.

Have you seen our campaign video yet? Watch it now!

How to wear Is-Siġill:

This collection features necklace sets and bundles to make your initial stand out even more. Add our Maduma Katnazz Muftieħ pendant as a reminder that you have the keys in your hands to open the doors that lead you to your wildest dreams.

The Siġill Initial Power Necklace set is a very domineering one and features our brand-new Power black cateye stone. It serves as a reminder that you have all the power in your hands to live your life to the fullest potential.  For a bold set, pair your own Siġill with our Twist necklace set! You will definitely be the talk of the town.

Add your Birthstone for a more personalised set or our Two Mils Munita pendant to add a touch of local heritage to your look.


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