February; the month of lovers and cupid’s arrow. A time for tokens of affection. As Valentine’s approaches we wanted to focus on the true message that Valentine’s relays. 

This year we want to turn the spotlight towards love in ALL forms. Valentine’s typically revolves around couples so we’ve decided to break some boundaries and invite EVERYONE to share in the celebrations. Ask yourself- what is Valentine’s about? IT’S ABOUT LOVE!

LOVE is a boundless emotion, diverse in its direction and application. An emotion shed on us through all walks of life, from birth through friendship and companionship. Love can be unconditional, platonic, romantic and so much more. 

Whether you’re flying solo and shower yourself with self-love on the daily, have found your soulmate in your best friend, experience unconditional love from your parents, or have found that special someone to fall for; love has no boundaries. As a result we want to unbox it as a concept this Valentine’s and open this holiday to ALL LOVE has to offer.

To illustrate this we’ve put the spotlight on individuals celebrating their Valentine’s in different forms. Join us over the next couple of weeks as we relay stories of love; from power couples to individuals promoting self-love, we’re inviting EVERYONE to join in the Valentine’s festivities <3

One Valentine’s norm we won’t be breaking however is the GIFTING quality ;)

Think big this holiday and cherish your loved ones; treat them to something special an personal from Mvintage. Curate the perfect gift by choosing from our array of meaningful pendants and add a personal touch with our ENGRAVABLES. If you’re not quite sure what to get your loved one have a peek at our Gift Section for some giftspiration ;)

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