Jewellery, Superstitions and Positive Vibes

Jewellery, Superstitions and Positive Vibes

While jewellery isn't typically the central focus of superstitions, there are some beliefs and practices related to jewellery that have evolved over the years.  

Red Agate is believed to provide a sense of protection against malevolent spirits, as well as the strength and courage needed to face potential supernatural threats. Our Freedom Red Agate Charm Chain, Gold is the perfect way to incorporate this superstition in your outfit. 

The Evil Eye is a common symbol in many different cultures and represents protection. It is believed to ward off negative energy and curses. This symbol can be worn as a bracelet, pendant or earrings to protect you from evil feelings. Our Luzzu collection offers several different options to add this symbol to your outfit. 

The Hamsa Hand is a protective symbol that depicts an open hand with an eye in the centre. It is believed to bring blessings. It is said to help protect the wearer against evil spirits and the evil eye. The Mvintage Hand of Fatima Pendant, Gold is the perfect way to attract positive energy to your life. 

The Ankh is an ancient Egyptian symbol which represents life and immortality. It is believed to offer the wearer protection and safeguard their soul. Wear the Mvintage Ankh Necklace Set, Gold and protect your soul from the malevolent spirits roaming on All Hallows Eve.  


Hematite is believed to dissolve negativity and shield you from absorbing negative energy from others. Our Koppla Collection features a variety of bold and powerful jewellery pieces charged with the grounding and protective energy of the hematite stone. 

Turquoise is believed to shield the wearer from harm and negativity. One can choose to wear turquoise jewellery for its calming and protective qualities. Our Serenity Turqoise Howlite Charm Chain, Gold is the perfect accessory for enhancing the feeling of tranquillity. 

Tiger's Eye provides the wearer with a protective shield and a boost of self-confidence to make it easier to face supernatural threats. Pair the Mvintage Resilience Stone Tiger Eye Fleur de-Lis Pendant, Gold with your costume this year. 

The Cross is a widely used symbol of protection and faith. Wearing a cross pendant can provide a sense of spiritual security and protection against evil forces. Wear the Mvintage Salib Pendant, Gold for a more understated look or the Statement Timeless Salib Pendant, Gold for a striking and bold fashion statement that will capture everyone's attention. 

Jewellery superstitions, like many others, are based on myths, folklore and legends. While these tales add a factor of intrigue to the jewellery we wear during this spooky season, it's important to remember that they are based on stories passed down through generations.