It all starts with a dream, a wish to achieve greatness in your life, a fantasy that you value as wild and beautiful. Dreams never come easy, however; every great dream comes with its failures and setbacks. We at Mvintage believe in the magic of perseverance, in the courage that lies at the core of our dreams.

Behind Mvintage is a story of a dream. A big dream by its Founder and Designer Krystle Penza, who never ceased to believe wholeheartedly in her vision. It is a vision built on four pillars of success – family, female empowerment, and perseverance.

These core values have allowed Krystle to dream big and establish her own international jewellery brand, which all started from a pipe dream she had as a new mother.  Even though her circumstances leaned towards becoming a stay at home mum, she herself needed to feel empowered by working on her big wish, to build a brand which she believed would bare the fruits of love and success.

Having a dream, however, means learning to cope with obstacles and disappointment – failure hurts, and can hurt to the point of giving up. Krystle learnt that failure comes hand in hand with self-improvement – it isn’t about failing, but about the way you recover and learn to keep going, even when all odds are against you. Once you push yourself and come to realise your full potential, the word ‘impossible’ does not apply to you anymore!

We want to celebrate all those who have found the courage to make a wish and dream big, and also want to encourage all those who fear this uncertain future. Failure is a scary thing, but without it one can’t truly appreciate their success and gained wisdom. We want to celebrate that we all dream differently, and that dreaming is a beautiful thing.

As part of the Mvintage 5th year birthday celebration we will be celebrating our beautiful dreamers by offering a free wishbone necklace worth €39.99, in the colour of your choice, with any purchase of over €100. This promotion will be available both online and in store from the 8th – 21st of June. We are offering this as a token of our admiration, our support, and as a reminder to always keep your dreams close to your heart.

Love, the Mvintage Team X