Meet ARC's Pride Award Nominees: Part 2

Meet ARC's Pride Award Nominees: Part 2

Pride celebrations are still in full swing! In our previous blog, we got to know four of our nominees and the struggles they faced. Mvintage celebrates everyone and we acknowledge the hard work and dedication these individuals put into generating awareness in our society.

Get to know the rest of the nominees!

  • Reb Xiberras (they/them)

Reb is a Gozitan non binary activist. They have founded LGBTI+ Gozo along with other individuals 6 years ago. Since then they have fought for equality for queer individuals in Gozo, managed to open a sexual health service in Gozo, opened an academy for activists, created a helpline and psychosocial support service and finally organized events, projects and campaigns with the aim to rise more Queer awareness in the Gozitan island. 

  • Simone Falzon (she/her)

Simone is especially loved in the LGBTIQ+ community for the way she goes out of her way to help others without ever asking for anything in return. She runs the popular Valletta bar Maori, which she simply promotes as a free, open, inclusive, safe space for everyone.

  • Mina Jack Tolu (they/he)

Mina Jack is a trans, gender non-conforming activist who has championed LGBTIQ+ causes and other social justice issues through their professional work, as well as their involvement with various organisations in Malta and abroad. They particularly fight the various forms of discrimination, violence and hatred against transgender people that is often institutionalised and apparent at all levels of society.

  • Eman Borg (he/him)

Eman is one of the founding members and coordinator of LGBTIQ+ Gozo. As a leader and a human rights advocate, Eman supports the LGBTIQ+ community especially the youths. He promotes and raises awareness in Malta and Gozo through informal meetings, social events and other campaigns. Together with the team, Eman worked hard for the first LGBTIQ+ office space in Gozo which will be opening soon to offer a safe space for the community and access to various services.

  • Anonymous 

Another nominee who is to be kept anonymous has had quite the tough background. Life threw at this person various obstacles from growing up in a socially disadvantaged background that led to other social injustices and trauma. Living a problematic life without any form of support influenced the nominee’s life decision to start using drugs and alcohol as coping mechanisms. Sustaining and living an addiction is very difficult which in return led also to imprisonment. Nominee requested support from agency Sedqa for rehabilitation and the person is successfully investing a lot in maintaining a good recovery. Thus, this person was nominated for this award for building oneself stronger and slowly overcoming the ventures of life.