50 women were honoured as superheroes by Mvintage, following nominations collected through the brand’s social media channels. These superheroes are all different from one another, but they all have one thing in common – they are all inspirational women, especially during these extraordinary times. No matter how hard these times are, all of these women are fighting hard to keep going and for this we all admire them. Some are medical professionals in hospital or homes, others are pharmacists, mothers, police women, sales people, teachers, and bankers.    

Each one of these 50 women received an Admiration pendant from Mvintage for them to always carry, and for it to always remind them how admired they are. They also received a special note from Mvintage designer Krystle Penza.

Mvintage Inspirational Women
Mvintage Inspirational Women


Here are our superhero women:


Tamara Micallef Dancer
Francesca Zammit Lawyer
Stafania Bartolo Headmistress
Eleanor Bartolo Pharmacist
Stephanie Abood Manager
Yanika Stafrace Doctor
Marija Schranz Student
Amanda Parascandalo Bunce Police Sergeant
Gail Grech Delia Teacher
Rodrica Camilleri Brennan Midwife
Rebecca Borg Chef
Roxanne Meli Radiographer
Angele Cuschieri Vice Chairperson Puttinu
Angela Debono Recruitment 
Fran Falzon Aquilina Psychiatrist
Luana Baldacchino Armed Forces of Malta
Eunice Agius Cabin Crew
Agnes Muscat Retired
Carmen Vella Mother
Rita Agius Testa Catering
Thea Debono Administrator & Coordinator
Fiona Sammut Head of Department at University
Charmaine Attard Kinder Garden Educator
Josette Cassar Banker
Vena Camilleri Nurse
Karen Cassar Doctor
Debbie Scerri Professional Vocalist
Katya Xuereb Pharmacist
Marily Baldacchino Doctor
Amy Camilleri Zahra Assistant Lecturer; Disability Rights Activist
Sephora Camilleri Medical Laboratory Scientist
Pauline Micallef Accountant
Geraldine Agius LSE
Josianne D' Angelo Retail
Nicola Saccasan Speech Language Pathologist
Graziella Formosa Nurse
Maria Spiteri Nurse
Ylenia Muscat Lab Scientist
Kristina Caruana Radiographer
Ruth Blundell Nurse
Jessica Bonavia Nurse
Amanda Farrugia Medical Student
Therese Muscat Pharmacist


All of these women were nominated by other women who admire them and who are inspired by them.

Mvintage Inspirational Women


Together we are stronger. Let’s follow each other’s journeys in order to keep sharing thoughts, inspirations and always keep supporting one another.


Lots of love to all and please keep safe,