In the first installment of our NEW Style Diary Series, we catch up with the lovely Taryn Mamo Cefai, Actress and Social Media Guru. With the holiday season upon us we asked Taryn to bring on the festive fashion by styling three choice Christmas outfits and incorporating her favorite Mvintage pieces. The first outfit is inspired by the hustle and bustle of Christmas shopping (an event just as much as a necessity). Taryn joked that she’s always glammed up when leaving the house; this is reflected in her choice for a ‘casual’ shopping look. A simple white shirt, cord skirt, vibrant scarf and thigh high boots to boot ;)

To compliment the 70s esque ensemble, Taryn picked the Mvintage Heritage Hollow bangle and ring; a subtle nod to our roots as a Maltese brand with a sleek and modern design. Layered stone necklaces were added to the look for an effortlessly bohemian edge, complimenting the 70s era vibe of the whole outfit. Finally Taryn picked a pair of our favourite earrings; the NEW Brown Cateye ear jackets; a classic design with a trendy twist.

Since Christmas is party season, the second look is all about getting glammed up for a fun and festive night out. This is the time of the year where more is more, you can never have to much sparkle. Taryn went all out on this look, wearing a funky jumpsuit with embellishments on the shoulders and accessorizing with strappy black and gold high-heel sandals.

She took the look to full on glitz and glam with our iconic zirconia Twist necklace and Happiness stone. Finishing off the outfit with more sparkle, Taryn added our Urban Sparkle ear jackets. Finally for the piece de resistance; a Christmas Day oufit fit for fun, (lots of) food, and family gatherings! For this final look Taryn pulled out all the stops to combine an elegant outfit with a pop of colour. A classic white shirt, leather skirt and thigh high black boots with a stunning pink fluffy coat that adds a light hearted vibe.

She dressed up the look with pops of our stunning hand facted blue glass in a silver setting from our Little Treasures Collection. A couple of dainty stacked bracelets to distract your opponent while pulling Christmas crackers, and layered necklaces from out Positive Energy Collection to ward off any bad vibes during the festivities (fighting over who gets the last mince pie).

Throughout the day we decided to ask Taryn some light hearted random questions and unlock some information about her, here’s what we found out ;) 1)     Favourite pizza topping? Classic Italian Buffola 2)     What’s the best gift you’ve ever received? A trip to Egypt 3)     If you could have one superpower what would it be? Time travel 4)     Instagram or Facebook? Instagram 5)     If you were a crayon what colour would you be? Pink

6)     Spring or Fall fashion? Spring 7)     What would you name your autobiography? Just my Luck 8)     Any New Years resolutions? So glad you asked, Yes! I am making a promise to treat myself better, I want to focus on what my body needs, nourish it with the right food, be more active, rest more and live more. Ultimately I want this year to be about doing the things I love! 9)     A skill you’d like to learn or perfect? I've always wanted to learn the piano 10)     What is your must have travel item? A good camera