In this episode of Mvintage Style Diaries we caught up with the stunning Jade Zammit Stevens, Fashion Blogger extraordinaire with a flair for Beauty.

Sporting her favourite pieces from our NEW Collection, Jade styled 3 looks perfect for welcoming the warmer weather and embracing Springtime.

The first look Jade created is a twist (literally haha) on the classic white shirt and jeans combo. Taking this look up a notch by evoking a dreamy quality with blue washed mom jeans, an effortless tied shirt and cheeky bralette. Jade complimented the look with our Dreamcatcher necklace, perfectly echoing the dreaminess of this look, and our NEW Signature bangles in an array of pastel shaded stones. Also can we take a second and appreciate her adorable space buns :)

For the next look on the agenda, Jade takes us on a little trip through rose tinted glasses; a retro inspired ensemble with a pretty in pink flare ;) A rose wrap top with bell sleeves and snug pale leather skirt. She amped the look up with our SUCCESS necklaces in alternating sizes; beautiful pearl shell for a feminine and classic quality.

The final look is a monochromatic dream with a flow and effortless elegance. Horizontal stripes never looked so good with this stunning blouse and black denim combo. Jade selected our NEW Crescent Horn pendant with a doubled chain for a bohemian edge, accented by our Signature Bangles in Amethyst and Grey Cat Eye.

Throughout our day with the lovely Jade we asked her a series of random questions in a bid to get to know her better. Here's what we learned ;)

1. Favourite pizza topping?


2. Best gift you've ever received?

I've been asked this question a few times before and I honestly don't have an answer. I'm not really into fancy gifts, It's more the thought that goes into a gift that I appreciate. For example, for my birthday my sisters buy me a lot of mini gifts and wrap them separately with cute notes on each one, those types of gifts I LOVE!

3. If you could have one super power what would it be?

Teleportation for sure, I hate driving! especially in traffic :(

4. Instagram or Facebook?

Instagram <3

5. If you were a crayon, what colour would you be?

Pink or red!

6. Spring or Fall Fashion?

Spring! I think it's easier because you can just throw on a plain t-shirt and jeans, add accessories and you're good to go. In winter I have to think about keeping warm and end up looking like a marshmallow with all the layers I put on.

7. What would you name your Autobiography?

I would probably name it after my blog...As Told By Jade

8. Favourite childhood memory?

Going on family vacations or performing improv plays with my sisters and cousins to all my family haha.

9. A skill you'd like to learn or perfect?

Sewing...I always need to alter my clothes in some way so If I could do that myself that would be great :)

10. Must-have travel item?

Comfortable sneakers...If I'm going to walk all day, I need to be comfortable!

Keep up with Jade on Instagram @jadezammitstevens Read her blog