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01 Mar 2018


01 Mar 2018

It's FINALLY here!

Our latest collection has arrived for the Spring/Summer Season along with a revamped website to match the tone of our NEW products. We're taking it back to our roots with this Collection; featuring a series of finely crafted pieces created to reflect the power and beauty of natural elements.

Taking our inspiration from the forces of Earth and Water, the NEW SS’18 collection is destined to be worn as a celebration of womanhood; designed to embrace the natural femininity contained in each woman. As a brand, Mvintage strives to celebrate women from all paths of life, focusing on the inherent power each of us possesses. This collection is a culmination of our mantra and brand ideals, creating beautifully designed pieces with a narrative to echo their wearer's journey. The forces of Earth and Water come into play as our natural muses, embodying the essence of feminine beauty and strength. The unification of both forces through Mother Nature creates a balance echoing the multiple facets of a woman's identity.

Earth embodied by a woman's grounded nature and the ability to sprout life, Water by her soothing essence with the potential to be spontaneous and unpredictable.

Boasting a spectrum of neutral earthy tones and rich blue hues, each piece is designed to mirror the spirit of its respective element. Jewellery brought to life through semi-precious stones, artisan crafted glass, and pearl shell. So what’s new?

An Icon with a Twist

Our best-selling Twist necklace has gotten some upgrades with our stunning NEW Beaded Chains. Embodying effortless versatility, these chains allow you to be playful and create multiple looks with a single piece. Create your own style narrative by adding charms, wearing as a choker or wrapping as a bracelet. The possibilities are endless!

Positive Vibes, Positive Life

Our Italian Horn Pendant has a new partner in crime with our 'out of this world' Crescent Horn Necklace; a new take on a classic design inspired by the cresent moon phase, echoing a message to send your thoughts and hopes out into the universe. Continuing the lunar phase inspiration is our Moonspell necklace, a fan favourite of the past that we've brought back in a daintier package ;)

In addition to this we've also included a new dreamy design; our Dreamcatcher necklace is for the free thinkers and the big dreamers, destined to be worn as a reminder to hold on to your desires and keep them close to your heart.

New Additions to our Signature Collection

Our iconic Signature Collection has some new additions. Featuring stunning hues to echo the essence of the sea, our NEW kids on the block include Abalone and Pearl Shell, a stunning NEW Birth Stone for December babies, and our season favourite Blue Lace Agate.

Also fresh to our Signature line are a soon to be summer staple, feast your eyes on our Signature Bangles, available in a mesmerising array of semi-precious stones and destined to be stacked.

Back To Our Roots

As a proud Maltese brand we always strive to incorporate elements that celebrate of our treasured island. This season we present 2 NEW Twist elements, our Maduma LIMESTONE and LAGOON coins. A subtle homage to our traditional Maltese tiles, boasting colours indicative of our country's rich surroundings.

This collection is about promoting natural beauty and embracing your inner goddess. Adorn yourself and play around with your look, be bold with your choices and stay true to yourself. Layer and stack the elements together to create harmony in your being and strive to be your best self. With Love Mvintage xxx

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