The Inspiration

Each Mvintage collection begins as an introspective thought process by Founder and designer Krystle Penza; delving into her accumulation of stories to create a meaningful selection of designs. Proud of her rich heritage, Krystle set out to design a collection that encapsulated her love for Malta; celebrating its quaint traditions and colourful landscape. 

Re-discoveries began as an exploration of the past; unearthing the relics of our roots and crafting them in a new light. Inspiration was drawn from architectural and rural elements to produce an array of delicate pieces with a rustic Maltese flair; embodying wearability whilst echoing a nostalgic quality.

The Collection

After much effort and dedication the SS 2019 collection came to fruition; boasting a vibrant spectrum of hues and patterns to celebrate the Maltese culture. 

The pride and joy of this collection is the introduction of NEW ornate Maduma pendants; inspired by fine craftsmanship and traditional Maltese tiles. Each pendant has a charming story behind its design.

Rustic; Merging nostalgia with a rural elegance, boasting a vibrant design rooted in a dreamy past.

Grotto; A celebration Malta’s landscape, reflecting the rich hues of our island’s deep waters.

Bizzilla; Paying homage to Maltese artistry, this intricate pendant praises the embroidered elegance of traditional hand made lace.

Lagoon; A vibrant pendant bringing to mind the crystal clear waters Malta has to offer.


Complimenting the vivid intricacy of our Maduma pendants is the addition of NEW pendants to our Signature range; showcasing an exploration of colour reflecting the Maltese landscape. Boasting a selection of semi-precious stone and hand-crafted glass, each stone is infused with a special meaning destined for personalisation. 

Our Iconic Twist necklace has also gotten some new additions in the form of our Maduma Coins; Grotto and Rustic mirroring the stories of their dainty counterparts.

Finally we’ve expanded the Engravable range to include a sleek design in the form of our Bar Engravable. Available as both a pendant and bracelet, this design is destined for personalisation; inspiring creativity with our complimentary engraving by inscribing Initials, a Name or a Special Date. 

The Shoot

With the collection finalised the next step was to organise a shoot that illustrated the story and portrayed the cultural elements inspiring the designs. The first step was to source the perfect location; one that echoed familiarity in the hearts of the Maltese. As a brand we settled on a beautiful town house that boasted traditional architectural qualities; juxtaposing the finished designs with their inspired counterparts.

Our choice of model was also thoughtfully researched; looking for a visage that embodied mediterranean beauty and grace. We found this quality in the stunning Amy Zahra; a sought after face in the Maltese fashion industry.


To bring our vision to life we sought out the renowned and talented Kris Micallef; an acclaimed photographer boasting an impressive body of work with a distinguished style.

Finally we wanted the story behind our collection to be animated; evoking a sense of nostalgia and exploration in our customers. We reached out to James Vernon, a notable film maker who turned our story into a visually stimulating production.


The culmination of all these elements has produced a collection that epitomises our values as a brand; exhibiting an aesthetic that reflects the Mvintage essence.