Over a hundred domestically abused women, together with their children, seek shelter in Dar Merhba Bik every year. These women are re-empowered and supported to re-establish their independence.

Managing Dar Merhba Bik for well over a decade, Elaine Pavia protects, cares for and helps these women who suffered domestic abuse. Whilst protecting these women, she also shows them how to shine again with renewed potential and how the future is never set in stone.

Mvintage Protection Shero - Elaine Pavia


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Elaine’s mission is to seek out and support female victims of domestic violence.

Mvintage Protection Shero - Elaine Pavia


Her focus is to support other women and make them aware that with a little support one can succeed in life.

Mvintage Protection Shero - Elaine Pavia


As women we have very good qualities, we can give a lot to society. When we asked Elaine to send a message to all women out there, she encouraged us to “Seek help, never underestimate your capabilities and attributes. We are all different. We shall accept one another as we are.”

Mvintage Protection Shero - Elaine Pavia


Asked about her message about Breast Cancer Awareness to other women during the month of October, Elaine said that every woman has an equal chance of being diagnosed with cancer. Elaine had some great words of advice, “The only thing I would say is scan yourself and protect yourself as much as can be because the earlier the better. If you do end up diagnosed with cancer, it is not the end of the world, there is treatment available, therapy is available and one could move on in life as well”.

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