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13 Mar 2015


13 Mar 2015

Going shopping? Puzzled on what to wear to actually do the job? We totally get you and we're here to try and help! We all know that apart from clothes shopping being a stress relief  for most of us, it can also go bad ... very bad. On a bad day, we don't find anything which fit's us just right, we feel unconfortable ... hot, cold ... we just feel like going back home right? Well, from our personal shopping experience we've learnt one ... crucial thing - BE COMFORTABLE. What you are wearing to go shopping WILL make a huge difference.   We have come up with a few simple DO'S and DONT'S which we try and keep to ourselves before going :) - DON'T over layer your tops. This will only make things complicated - DON'T wear too much make up. We all know what this leads to - DON'T wear shoes which you take ages to get out of. This might get dangerous whilst your in that changing room! - DON'T expect your tight bun to remain in tact. We all know that by the first thing you try on that bun is totally off - DO wear slip on, easy to wear shoes. One foot flick and that shoe is OFF. Relief :) - DO wear something light underneath your gigantic coat if it's cold outside. It will only get easier once your in the changing room :) - DO wear jewellery which you can easily remove and put back again. We know that this will only get tangles with our hair if we keep it on! We recommend these Studs as earrings - DO wear the appropriate underwear - You know what we mean! Those ladies and gentlemen are a few tips which we wanted to share with you from our side. We would love to know what YOUR perfect shopping outfit would consist of. Any DO'S and DON'TS we NEED to know? TELL US below on our comment box :) Happy shopping xxx
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