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01 Jul 2019


01 Jul 2019

Sunglasses on, beach bags at the ready and towels in hand. Be the best dressed this season with the Mvintage Summer trends for 2019, as we welcome in a new range of beautiful items, perfect for a Summer by the Sea. 

Scroll down to discover Your seasonal trends and must-haves.

Colour Comeback

The rainbow jewellery trend for 2019 has taken the fashion scene by storm. Lucky for you, Mvintage’s New Heritage Birthstone Collection is available in 12 different colours and meanings. Why not ROYGBIV your way through the collection and brighten up your everyday jewellery style with some fantastic stand-out shades, perfect for this sunny season? What's more, each stone is infused with a special meaning to help you express your identity in the most stylish way. 

Pile on the Necklaces 

A neck full of layered necklaces is the foundation of an effortless outfit. Layer those precious pendants with an accumulation of chains to create your own unique combinations that will elevate the simplest of outfits in seconds. 

Tips for Layering:

  1. Choose 2 to 3 different lengths of chains; short, medium and long, keeping to the same shade of metal for all three. 

  2. Start off with a small pendant on the shortest chain, for example, a dainty signature stone or the Luzzu Eye.

  3. Add a pop of colour as the middle ground with a meaningful stone.

  4. Finally, choose a show-stopping piece to place on the longest chain. Here you can stack 2 or 3 pendants on each other to really make a personalised statement. 

 Covet the Choker 

Chokers are a must-have this season. They can be worn solo or layered with other chains. What’s great about the Mvintage short adjustable chain is that the chain is adjustable to your neck size, making it easy to turn your necklace from a choker to a longer necklace depending on your style and outfit.

Chain Up! 

Chunky gold chains are back in and so is our iconic Mvintage charm bracelet. Pile on the pendants that are meaningful to you to create a bold and colourful statement or keep it simple with dainty pendants that represent your finest qualities. 

Stylish Stones for Standout Pieces

Elevate your everyday outfits with gemstones, jewels and more. Mixing and matching bright colourful birthstones with shields, arrows, and initials will lift your look instantly. Not only can you brighten any outfit but you can also personalise your jewellery by choosing meaningful pendants that you hold close to your heart. 

Say it with Symbols

Whether it’s a symbol of protection, positive energy or a sweet statement of faith, the new Mvintage collection has got you covered. 

Elegant, bold and never out of style, the new Roman Cross, is the perfect accessory to complement your personal look. No matter the season, this classic piece can be worn time and time again. 

An amulet of safeguarding, The Luzzu Eye pendant is a modern take on an old tradition where the eyes painted on the boats were believed to protect fishermen whilst at sea. Wear it on a choker or loop the pendant into your hoops to give your jewellery that symbollic edge.  

Like what you see? Shop the latest Mvintage Summer by the Sea Collection and create your own beautiful head-turning combinations. Don’t just follow the trend, be the trendsetter. 

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