Meet Moira Stafrace, our first SHERO for 2023!

Meet Moira Stafrace, our first SHERO for 2023!

Moira Stafrace is a household name in the local music industry. We invited her to be part of a Facebook Live event, hosted by our own Matthew, to talk about her struggles, and how she is facing the new year with a positive attitude.

Anyone who meets and gets to know Moira Stafrace falls in love with her aura and personality. That is why we chose her to be our first SHERO for 2023! Moira was also born in January, which connects her directly to our latest Birth Flower Collection.

Moira's story serves as an inspiration to many

2022 was incredibly challenging for Moira. She lost three of her strongest pillars, her husband Chris and both her parents, all in a couple of months. She has been very open about all of this and the difficulties that came with it, which serves as an inspiration to many.

"I never imagined that I would be losing both my parents and my husband in the same year. I lost my mother to cancer and she also caught Covid in the process. My father in turn caught Covid from my mother and passed away shortly after. This is all while we were also struggling with the virus.

"Chris was already passing through chemotherapy sessions at this point and, unfortunately, his condition started to worsen".

Faith will help you find the inner strength you need

Moira talks about her spirituality and how she believes that while it is not always easy to see the light at the end of the tunnel, faith will help you find your inner strength to get you through.

"It’s never easy," says Moira. "I lost three pillars; they all loved me in their own different way. I need to honour them and their love. If I do not do that, all that they did for me will be in vain. I see Chris all the time and I cry, almost every day, but I can feel him with me, especially lately, helping me to succeed."

Moira reveals that she will soon be showcasing a very cool project (in fact we have now seen her perform during the opening night of the semi-final of the Malta Eurovision Song Contest). "I believe that is all my mum’s and Chris’ doing... telling me that it is MY time now. I need to honour them and move forward."

The January Snowdrop - Renewal & Hope

Moira’s urge for new beginnings, hope and the ability to overcome challenges is what her birth flower, the January Snowdrop, symbolises. Our recent collection reveals that every month and every flower has its own meaning. They make the perfect gift for a special partner, friend, or yourself!

Moira also talks about another growing pillar in her life, her daughter Michela, as she gives her love and courage to face every day as a new day. Moira ends with an inspiring message that, although she acts as an inspirational figure, we need to give courage to each other because we’re all in the same boat. Everyone has their own story and we all need support.

Thank you, Moira, for being our first SHERO for 2023 and for sharing your story. Keep up that energy! Watch the full Live event here.