Hello friends, Upon the launch of our new FW collection, I wanted to start sharing with you something special and very personal to me; the meaning and inspiration behind the new FW Mvintage collection. I play many roles; Mvintage founder, entrepreneur, jewellery designer, and mummy to an adorable 6 year old :) Moreover I am an ordinary person with a big dream - that of empowering women and advocating for their incredible strength.

Krystle, Mvintage Founder & Designer[/caption] Life has a tendency to throw hurdles and obstacles our way, however through these challenges we are also handed the opportunity to thrive and rise up. We might pick up some battle scars along the way, but we wear them with pride as a symbol of our beauty and resilience. A wise friend once encouraged me that my inner strength in the face of hardship, shaped me into the woman I am today. This encouragement spurred and inspired the creation of the Mvintage Pearl Collection. The beautiful pearl’s story is one that might surprise you, one shaped from resilience and perseverance. When a grain of sand gets into the little muscle, the oyster considers it as wound and coats it with a secretion.  The longer the irritation is there, the more the oyster coats it until it develops into an alluring pearl. I found myself relating to the story of the pearl, as I’m sure many of you can. Like the Oyster we face wounds, which we in turn shape, and mold into strength and beauty. Since founding Mvintage my jewellery designs have been a significant means of self-expression. Inspiration for my collections comes from phases and lessons learned throughout my journey. When designing a piece I aim to re-create my story and embed a message of self-love and belief in oneself, so that my treasured customer can carry more than just a piece of jewellery, but rather a reminder of their power and beauty. A motto I try to live by is “life is all about learning how to dance in the rain” Look at the glass half full, turn every lemon life gives you into sweet refreshing lemonade, and most importantly always believe in yourself.  Persevere because you might just be surprised by what you’re capable of.

This motto and approach towards life motivated the creation of The Butterfly Locket, which is considered to be a little keepsake for cherished memories. The butterfly print is symbolic of perseverance and growth in the unlikeliest of places. Iconically the butterfly is born as a caterpillar; a plain and grounded creature. The caterpillar fears she has a short life, and indeed to some extent she does. However the moment she thinks her life is over, she transforms into a mesmerizing butterfly and discovers she can fly. The Locket acts as a reminder that beauty persists even when the odds aren’t in your favor, you just need to believe in yourself and fly.


Patriotic...I’m MALTESE and I’m PROUD. Mvintage is a Maltese brand that incorporates our heritage in a subtle and stylish way. I love walking down winding pathways in Valletta, admiring quaint doors and balconies, unique architecture, crystal clear waters etc. Malta is a paradise in a tiny package, and mimicking these elements subtly led to the creation of my Heritage Collection. This collection, which includes our classic Reversible Print collection, has been developed to take a little bit of Malta wherever you go. The Hollow design is a re-imagining of the Reversible design, inspired by the charm and intricacy of Maltese tiles. I’ve also developed the Jasper stone collection and the Mvintage Tassel within our signature pieces; each expressing timeless design incorporating our modern logo. Positivity is key! Life beholds an unexplainable power, energy, whatever you may call it, and sometimes we need little superstitious elements to reinforce our faith in the universe, in things coming together and happening for a reason. This mantra culminates in the Positive Energy Collection, filled with little amulets and tokens to promote good vibes. This FW I have re-created our iconic ‘corno’ with a twist, this time incorporating stunning glass and cat eye stones into the design, resulting in a superstition super stylish piece! Luxury; love it! Who doesn’t? Yet I wanted to combine luxury and every-day wearability. This resulted in our latest additions to the Little Treasures Collection- semi-precious stones packed full with meaning. This FW I am introducing the Amethyst stone, symbolizing protection, the Tiger Eye symbolizing will-power (never give up) and the green jade symbolizing generosity – Meanings will come together to represent the inspiration and sentiment behind all of our Collections. In addition to the introduction of new semi-precious stones, I’ve also developed on the pieces that have come to make Mvintage what it is today, pieces that I work on meticulously and passionately…drumroll…our hand-crafted faceted glass stones. You know how they say hard work pays off… this saying always reminds me of our glass collection and the perfection required in handcrafting every single facet; the final result is incomparable, and with pride I can say no one handcrafts the stones like us ;)   Violet devotion, the warmth of olive green and the happiness of orange are the special colours being introduced with this collection completing our birthstone collection :) After all the hard work that went into this collection, it is important to me that the message behind my designs comes across to the women wearing them. Since its conception, the little M on our logo which each of you carry connects you as part of a sisterhood. I want my customers to choose and wear pieces that are representative of their essence and character. Through the new FW collection, we want to inspire women and give them courage.


You are strong; you are a beautiful, you can do anything! Kry  xoxo P.S. Smile…Always…it’s your best accessory