Valentine’s is nearly upon us; a special time of the year that acts as a reminder to treasure your significant other, or treat yourself if you’re fabulously single ;) In our bid to spread the LOVE this Valentine’s we’re focusing on love stories and the people behind them! Whether your story is a classic, only a couple of chapters, or still being transcends all. As part of our campaign, we’ve partnered with 4 inspirational couples with beautiful stories to share. Our muses are all in different stages of their relationship; living together, building a family, and together for half a lifetime. They’ve filled us in on their favourite quirks in each other, how they met, what makes them laugh and a quote that resonates with their relationship most. Regardless of their relationship stage, their bond echoes a sentiment of comfort and trust in one another...a modern day love story.

Lexi And Kyle Our first couple, Lexi and Kyle, have been together for 6 years. Having met through mutual friends they’ve shared the better part of their late teens and early twenties together. Bonding over a shared vigor for travelling and a deep passion for food. When asked to provide a quote that best defined them as a couple they quoted “Our relationship is built on Love, Trust and most importantly…FOOD”

Lara And David Together for 5 years, Lara and David started off their relationship on a long distance basis before living together. David loves Lara’s carefree attitude and she loves his dry sense of humour. Their most treasured moment together was their first Christmas, when she visited him in England, a moment that locked their relationship.

“Patience. We keep that in the center of our relationship”

Alison And Keith Officially married for 10 years and unofficially for 12 (discussing marriage after a few months of dating haha), Alison and Keith met through a youth group organized at church. The couple share 3 beautiful sons and an affinity for making each other laugh. Their relationship is built on support and teamwork; something Keith joked about by saying “team effort: I suggest it, you cook it”.

“In life, things do not turn out exactly the way you want them to be…they turn out to be better!”

Antonia And Anthony Our longest standing couples, Antonia and Anthony, have been together for 42 years. Having met at a social club when they were young, the two have built a strong bond built on comfort, trust and love. They often make each other laugh, Anthony with the way he recounts stories, and Antonia with her aversion to technical objects. Their most cherish memory together was a trip to Canada.

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