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19 Nov 2017


19 Nov 2017


It’s the time of the year for giving and receiving; during Christmas we are reminded to be grateful for all we have and appreciate our loved ones. Throughout the holiday season we feel it is essential to remember that not everyone is as blessed as we are, however everyone deserves to share in the essence of Christmas; the spreading of joy and sentiment of togetherness. This year as part of giving back the Mvintage Team visited Fatima House in Sliema, a refuge for young women run by the Ursuline Sisters. This safe haven operates as a sanctuary for young women in difficult situations. These women are trying their utmost to get on their feet and Fatima House provides a comfortable environment that encourages independence and growth. 

Krystle Penza Mvintage Founder & Designer and Sister Eleanor[/caption] As a brand we aim to celebrate women of all ages, enlightened by their strength and beauty. We are driven to empower women, not only through our jewellery, but also through our actions and philanthropy. Our duty is to inspire, encourage and support our sisters. Therefore this year upon our visit to Fatima House, our aim was to provide a fun and lively environment. We organised a party so that the women living there could meet new people and share in the general merriment of the Christmas Season. Our night started off with light hearted ice breakers, getting to know the residents and introducing ourselves. We were very appreciative to have all our hard working staff in tow, who were more than happy to do their part and join in for the night. 

Members of the Mvintage Sales team[/caption] After getting to know each other we proceeded to the gift giving. We gifted each woman with their own Mvintage piece, each of which had a special meaning represented by specific stones. Our gifts were also accompanied by a variety of donated gifts from partners, friends and family. In addition as a team, we gave a monetary donation to the house and Sister Eleanor was very grateful as financial assistance is surely very essential for the running of the house.

Gift giving was followed by an ambitious order of pizza which was thoroughly enjoyed by all (with plenty to spare haha).

The night surely went really fast. The women we met were strong and it touched us to see the sense of sisterhood they shared with each other. By the end of the event we had made new friends. 

Francesca, daughter of Mvintage founders, icing a birthday cake which she baked for one of the girls residing at Fatima House[/caption] If you would like to meet Sister Eleanor or help out Fatima House in any way, we encourage you to pay them a visit.  Here is their address: Fatima House 65, High Street, Sliema

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