Il-Muftieħ - Dare to Explore

Il-Muftieħ - Dare to Explore

Introducing our latest collection: Il-Muftieħ. Fusing Maltese heritage and fashion together, this collection is inspired by old Maltese brass keys. A Maltese relic has been transformed into wearable jewellery. Our Fall/Winter collection is part of the Heritage collection and it strives to remind us of our heritage while also empowering women to live out their best lives.

Dissecting Il-Muftieħ:

As with all our jewellery, Mvintage strives to make women feel empowered. Each pendant, chain, stud earring, has a symbolic meaning. Il-Muftieħ symbolises opening doors that lead you to beautiful pathways. Sometimes doors slam shut in our faces and that can be discouraging. With il-Muftieħ in our hands, or around our neck, those doors can be opened. All it takes is a leap of faith, confidence within yourself and knowing that you have the power within you to reach even your wildest dreams.


Launching il-Muftieħ:

On the 18th of August, the new collection was launched on Facebook with Ylenia Spiteri and some of our customers had the opportunity to get a sneak peek of the collection. We had Moet champagne courtesy of Demajo Wines & Spirits and a delicious Muftieh cookie provided by Busy Bee.

Local personalities such as F.A.I.T.H., Brooke Borg and Jade and Yazmin Zammit Stevens were amongst our guests.

P.S. all Covid safety regulations were strictly adhered to! Safety is very important to us.

Re-inventing our stones:

Il-Muftieħ features our eye catching, meaningful Confidence and Faith stones. The striking green-emerald cateye stone, is a reminder to always have confidence within yourself no matter how shaky you may feel.

The Faith white cateye stone implies that sometimes, we need to take a leap of faith. We need to take that risk and jump headfirst towards something that scares us because usually that’s where beautiful things happen.

However, that’s not it. Keep on reading to find out about a special surprise.

Introducing the Black Cateye Power Stone:

You asked and we listened. Black has been such a highly requested shade to add to our jewellery. It is potent and oozes power which is what our brand new black cateye stone stands for. Women have the power in their hands and within themselves to go after anything their heart desires and be successful at it. Whether it’s on your mini twist, with our Octagon Habbata pendant or in our Muftieħ twist pendants, it is there as a reminder that you are powerful and whatever comes your way, you can overcome it.


Inside scoop on campaign shooting and photography:

A lot of time and energy is poured into creating the concept behind our campaigns. Since Il-Muftieħ is part and parcel with our Heritage collection, the concept of Maltese heritage is central.

The Mediterranean Conference Centre was chosen because it encapsulates Maltese heritage and history. Various parts of the conference centre were used such as The Grand Harbour Terrace, the spectacular La Valette Hall and the Theatre. All these locations are featured in our campaign video and photography. Haven’t seen our campaign video yet? Check it out below!

Our campaign contains shots at the MCC and even Fort St Elmo making sure the Maltese heritage element is captured. The fashion chosen also is significant. Rosemarie Abela Studios provided the clothing for this campaign. Lace was used as an homage to Maltese heritage, but a modern flair was added with the style of clothing.

How to wear il-Muftieħ:

Il-Muftieħ collection features necklace sets combining different locks and keys. Together, these symbolise opening locks to new, beautiful opportunities. Our Faith Kancell Muftieħ with Maduma Katnazz Necklace Set features specks of Maltese tile adding even more elements of Maltese heritage.

The Power Muftieh and Katnazz Necklace Set features the new power black cateye stone. This simple, yet domineering set is eye catching and will make you feel powerful the moment you put it on.

We couldn’t forget about our Twist range. Il-Muftieħ collection features two new twist pendants and two new twist coins. To the Twist collection, we added the new Muftieħ Twist Pendant and Muftieħ Twist Pendant Zirconia. Both are in the shape of a Muftieħ and both are equally as meaningful. You can pair each one with our confidence, faith or power twist stone or with any of the other Mvintage twist stones!


Our three stones also come in mini twists. You can now spice up your bangles and rings with our bold trio.

What do you think of il-Muftieħ?

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