March 2022 Horoscope

March 2022 Horoscope

It is already March… where is the time going?!

Welcome to another edition of Mvintage Horoscopes where we break down what the next 30 days are going to look like according to your star sign.

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Just like the fresh, crisp air of March, this month you are going to experience an awakening, something new and exciting. Maybe something was holding you down. Now that the gloomy winter weather is making its way to the other side of the world, embrace this lighter, more freeing feeling! The Sun is coming out from behind the clouds and so should you.


It is time to be completely honest with yourself. Is there something you are trying to run away from? Something you are scared to confront? Remember, running away from your problems will only cause more problems and we do not want that! Take some time to really hone in and connect with your most inner self.


Keep calm and spread the positive vibes because this month you will be a magnet for positivity. So much good is heading your way this month. You have no idea! Do not let go of these positive vibrations because they will serve as good motivation for the rest of the year. You will be able to build solid foundations which will prove to be fruitful for the entire year.


Right out the gate, we could see March being a stellar month for you. Carry your crown and Reign over your kingdom like the Queen you are! A Queen does not have time to sit around and doubt herself. She is focused, determined, and carves out her own future. She does not let anyone determine her destiny, she goes ahead and determines it herself.


Bloom. That is your mantra this month. March will see you develop your skills and talents and take them to the next level. Right now, you are like a caterpillar in a cocoon, slowly crawling out of your shell. Soon enough you will be a colourful butterfly fluttering about in the wind and letting your inner beauty shine through. Embrace who you are, superstar!


Red is the colour of Passion and March is looking fiery… but only for you. You poured a lot of time and energy into other people, but it is time to pour that same time and energy into yourself. Write yourself a love letter, go to the florist and get yourself a bouquet of your favourite flowers, pamper yourself with a mani and pedi, but most importantly, take time to appreciate the REAL YOU! Self-love is not always external.


Dear Cancer, just like your celestial Crab, you tend to keep your guards up. Who is that sassy yet reserved person? Oh yeah, they are a Cancer. Just like a Crab, you have a hard exterior, but you are very soft and gentle on the inside. Do not be afraid to let that vulnerable side shine through. Showing your vulnerable side will help build deep connections and friendships.

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In our yearly horoscope overview, we told you how the first half of the year will be busy for you. March presents a period of some calmness and assurance. You can relax your shoulders and wind down for a short while. The current pandemic does not allow us to sit back by the beach with a cocktail in hand but hey, we can still find other ways to relax!


You are a hustler. March will bring financial abundance. The money gods are on your side, and they are going to make it rain in green for you. Who does not love opening their bank account and seeing some extra cash? We certainly do! Feel free to treat yourself… to a piece (or two or more) from our NEW collection 😉 


Oh my… it seems like you found yourself in a bit of a pickle recently. Did you chop off your bangs at home and instantly regret it? Did you accidentally send a text to the person you are talking about? You may feel like the planets are not aligned in your favour, but our crystal ball tells us otherwise. The planets are aligning in your favour and FAST! Get ready sis because when they do align, things will be epic.


March is quite a thrilling month for you. There will be lots of adrenalin rush. You feel this need to go out and explore new things and that can mean a variety of different things. It can range from zip lining to trying out chocolate infused with chili. Whatever it is, go after it and feel alive!


This month, you are ready to mingle, you are ready to expand your social circle and cultivate new conversations. Curiosity is what is driving you to meet new people. You are eager to learn something new and get a fresh, new perspective on life. As Walter Moers rightly put it ‘curiosity is the most powerful driving force in the universe because it can overcome the two greatest barking forces in the universe: reason and fear’

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