Reign - Create Your Kingdom

Reign - Create Your Kingdom

Time to Reign. Create Your Kingdom.

Introducing our latest collection which goes by the title, Reign- Create Your Kingdom. This collection had two goals in mind; the first being our 10th year anniversary which we are incredibly grateful for while the second being Women’s Day 2022 which, as you all know, our brand holds Female Empowerment at its forefront.

New designs and the inspiration behind the collection.

The new collection was inspired by the stylised design of the lily flower, where three petals are bound together near their basis. This design is referred to as the Fleur-de-Lis, a symbol of royalty and local pride. This symbol has been used for centuries in the heraldry of numerous European nations. It has consistently been used as a royal emblem and different cultures have interpreted its meanings in varying ways.

In Malta, back in the 1600s, the Fleur-De-Lis appeared in the personal coat of arms of Grandmaster Alof de Wignacourt. Wignacourt is mostly remembered for the construction of the Wignacourt Aqueduct as well as a series of coastal towers, which also bear his name. The Wignacourt Arch was built as part of the aqueduct between Birkirkara and Santa Venera, and it had his coat of arms with three fleur-de-lys on it, giving it the name of the Fleur-de-Lys gate.

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The Mvintage Story

Similar to the Fleur-de-Lis symbol, a symbol of local pride, which has reigned as such for centuries, Mvintage is celebrating its 10th year anniversary this year.

Our brand started from a humble beginning which proved to be the success story that it is today. Our 10th year running symbolises 10 years of hard work, huge sacrifices, ups and downs, learning curves, and so much more. 

Female Empowerment lies at our core. Our aim, in every collection that we release, is to empower women and encourage them to tell their story in their own way. We as women have the power to do great things. Our jewellery pieces tell a story – your story is unique and through our jewellery you can personalise and customise your narrative, tell it to the world and hold it close to your heart, always.

Create your Kingdom

Reign-Create Your Kingdom is all about working hard to achieve your goals. Never give up and do not lose focus. Your time will come. There may be times in which you think that everything is going against you but believe in yourself and you will get there. Work hard to build your Kingdom, you deserve every moment to shine.


You have the power to REIGN. You have the power to Create Your Own Kingdom.

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