The Compass: What's Your Destination?

The Compass: What's Your Destination?

Embark on your journey with the NEW Mvintage Compass.

A compass guides you to your destination. The Mvintage Compass is a constant reminder that if you get lost, it is ok! All you have to do, is get back up on your feet and keep walking. Hold your Compass close so you can find your way beyond your fears.

We sat down with Dora Falzon, who is also the face of our campaign, for a chat about her love for travel, what ignited her desire to explore the world and her upcoming year long adventure around Asia.

What inspired you to embark on this year-long journey?


The first time I got on a plane, I was 17. I had never been abroad before, the furthest I had made it to, was Gozo. Growing up, my family struggled financially, and travel was an unreachable luxury. I always heard stories but never experienced it. But it was something I knew I wanted.

Travel made me realise how little my problems were, what a small country I grew up in, and it basically expanded my perspective. Since then, I have solo travelled in Europe, the US, and Southeast Asia.  

The reason why I chose it to be such a long journey is because I wanted to remove time constraints, and if I love a place, I will have the freedom to stay in it for longer. I want to volunteer and give something back to the world during my travels and traveling long term makes this easier. 

What is your end goal you hope to achieve from your adventure?

I think sometimes we make the mistake of looking at goals purely by looking at the outcome. But the thing is, we learn, and grow most through the process. The process is longer than the achievement. The process is ongoing, so why not make the most of it?

Life is not a race but a marathon, quoting Nipsey here, and honestly, I truly believe this. I do not know what I will achieve from this journey, but what I know is I will make incredible memories and build human connections with people I would have never dreamed of meeting if I remained in the nucleus of my own home country. 

I am a firm believer that life begins at the end of your comfort zone. Travel tests you and pushes you to the limit.

I believe that I have never learned about myself as much as I did while travelling. You discover how resourceful you are when you are exposed to new places, people, and experiences. You realise how capable you are, and it is a wonderful way to build your confidence. Travel also teaches you to be patient, especially when things do not go according to plan. While travelling you are no longer in control of everything.

I believe that as humans we are all searching for one thing in life, happiness. It is that simple to me. We may look for it in different places and through different means, but we are all looking for happiness. And well, travelling fills me with incredible joy. 

What travel has also given me is an appreciation for life. It is easy to become mired in your daily routine and this sometimes enables us to lose sight of what we have and what is so special about our lives. 

Through travel, my inner creativity is also reactivated. It gives me the headspace to explore my creative side. I often find myself writing, a creative and emotional outlet I forgot I had through the process of life. 

Committing to the dream of leaving behind everything I know, and travelling into the unknown is not as easy as it seems. It is something that’s incomprehensible to some people around me. I have also had to change some simple things around me to allow myself to achieve this dream, like changing my spending habits and choosing to be away from some very important people in my life. However, it all comes down to priorities, and I choose to fetch a compass ;)

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