The Little Moments - Christmas Magic by Mvintage

The Little Moments - Christmas Magic by Mvintage

It is the most wonderful time of the year! Christmas time brings families and friends together to celebrate this magical season. It is the season of giving, joy, warmth, and laughter. It is a time where Little Moments are cherished more, whether it is meeting up with your friend, visiting your grandparents and seeing their smile on their faces or playing with your kids, these moments are what make life big.

The Little Moments: Christmas by Mvintage campaign is rooted in a simple message: cherish those Little Moments that are sometimes taken for granted because they are what makes brings us true joy.

After the past two years, everyone is looking forward to Christmas with greater anticipation. The Little Moments, such as spending time with our families and friends, getting together to celebrate the joys of Christmas and being with our loved ones were limited. This Christmas feels a little extra special.

The Campaign:

The main personality throughout this campaign is representing Christmas Magic. She is a a modern, young woman who is there but cannot be seen by anyone. With the touch of her finger, she sprinkles Christmas Magic and turns everyone’s frown upside down and spreading Christmas cheer.

Watch the full video below:


The Novelty:

Say hello to the NEW Birthstones! Each Birthstone represents a unique meaning. The NEW Little Moments Birthstone pendant is carried as an amulet and it represents all the Little Moments that are imbued in the wearer’s memories, and which ignite Christmas Magic during the festive season and even throughout the year. The happiness that Christmas brings with it is not limited just to the month of December!

Each month is represented by a different birthstone. Check out all the meanings and the new Birthstones here.

But wait, there’s more.

It wouldn’t be an Mvintage Christmas without new Twist Coins. The Twist collection became an integral part of our brand and one the favourites with our clients. This festive season, we introduced FIVE NEW Twist Coins:

1. Hope Maltese Cross Twist Coin:


This Christmas we are all eager to get back together without limitations and enjoy all the key moments we missed out on together. To help you plan your Christmas gifts, we curated a gifting guide with each birthstone meaning and for each special person in your life.

Wear your Birthstone as a necklace and earring set. The Birthstone Little Moments full set represents Christmas Magic. The sparkle from the Halo pendants adds a flair of Christmas joy to the set. For a gift, pick your special one’s unique Birthstone

This Autumn, we launched Is-Siġill Collection. It is a celebration of our initial being something unique and authentic to us. Combine your initial or your loved one’s initial with the Little Moments Birthstone 

Your gift can’t get more personal than this!

For a statement piece, the Christmas Special Twist Muftieħ set is the perfect choice. Featuring the Muftieħ Twist Pendant Zirconia and the limited edition Christmas Twist Coins, this set oozes Magic and style.

We can't forget about our Men! Shop the selection of gifts just for him. 


Sit back, shop all your Christmas gifts at Mvintage or through the new Mobile App with ease and enjoy the return of Christmas Magic. 

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