Tradition, Mystique & Positive Energy - The Mvintage Luzzu Collection

Tradition, Mystique & Positive Energy - The Mvintage Luzzu Collection

The Maltese Luzzu is one of the oldest local traditions and dates back to the time of the Phoenicians. As you well know by now, here at Mvintage, we like to pick up on traditional aspects of our culture and make it wearable, fashionable jewellery that can express you as YOU!

The Luzzu Collection has been a long time coming because we hold this traditional fishing boat close to our hearts and it has fascinated us for years. Here’s the inspiration behind this incredible collection that we can proudly say that you absolutely LOVED as well!


Essentially traditional fishing boats, luzzus are typically painted in traditional bright colours such as blue, red, yellow, and green. If you’re strolling around Marsaxlokk or Marsascala in the south, or St Paul’s Bay in the north, you can normally spot a large number of luzzus. These colourful fishing boats create a picture-perfect scene on the beautiful Mediterranean Sea.

The traditional luzzu was used by fishermen in both good and bad weather due to its sturdy conditions. These boats usually have a double-ended hull and were built using wood. Although some aspects of the luzzu have changed nowadays, its design remains iconic and very similar to the ones used in previous times.


The luzzu comes with a lot of superstition, the most prevailing one remaining the engraved pair of eyes at the front of the boat. These eyes are normally referred to as the Eye of Orisis or the Eye of Horus (the god of protection from evil). These eyes are said to be a symbol of protection and good health and they are believed to protect fishermen from any danger while they’re at sea.

Adding an Mvintage twist to the legend, starting where our Mermaid collection left off, our Luzzu collection was also inspired by the legend of ‘L-Għar tas-Sirena’.

As depicted in our Mermaid collection, legend has it that a fisherman and a mermaid fell in love in a cave beneath Casa della Sirena at Senglea. However, while the legend clearly depicts that the fisherman made the first move to kiss the mermaid, we wanted our mermaid to be the protagonist of the story. Our mermaid decides her own fate and she listened to her heart.


Tradition, mystique and positive energy define our Luzzu jewellery pieces. The colours depict the luzzu’s traditional hues, mainly blue and red. Most of the pieces also feature the fascinating eye amulet that is a symbol of protection and believed to ward off evil.

Pieces like the Luzzu Eye Drop Pendant, the Luzzu Eye Bangle, the Luzzu Eye Hoop Earrings, and the Luzzu Eye Stud Earrings are key pieces in our collection.


Our Luzzu collection also includes a beautiful selection of Twist coins and stones such as the Luzzu Eye Twist Coin and Pendant, the Luzzu Twist Coin, the Luzzu Eye Print Twist Coin, the Luzzu Sun Twist Coin, and the Luzzu Tmun Twist Coin, as well as two new mini twists additions, the Luzzu Eye Mini Twist and the Luzzu Eye Maduma Mini Twist.

The latter new mini twists can also be worn on a variety of new bangles and rings which we introduced to our Luzzu collection including the Red Tberfil Luzzu Single Mini Twist Bangle, the Red Pizzu Luzzu Single Mini Twist Bangle, the Red Tberfil Luzzu Mini Twist Ring, all depicting designs on the traditional luzzu boat. Other bangles and rings that can be worn alongside these designs include the Luzzu Boat Bangle, the Luzzu Eye Single Mini Twist Bangle, the Luzzu Net Triple Mini Twist Bangle, and the Luzzu Eye Mini Twist Ring.


We also introduced new birthstone pendants with the luzzu eye charm design that can be paired beautifully with our new Shimmer Link Chain.

You can also style your original birthstone pendant with the new Luzzu Eye Halo Pendant and spice up your look with a new summery charm chain like the Serenity Turquoise Howlite Charm Chain or the Freedom Red Agate Charm Chain and both of these chains come with their matching twist stones - Serenity Turquoise Howlite Twist Stone – Mvintage and Freedom Red Cat Eye Twist Stone – Mvintage.


We also welcomed new Bamboo products to the Luzzu family, inspired by another element that is present on these traditional fishing boats. We introduced elegant white-based products like the White Dainty Hoop Earrings, the White Bamboo Large Earrings, the White Bangle Single Mini Twist Bangle, and the White Bamboo Mini Twist Ring.

And a summer collection will not be complete without an anklet like our Shimmer Link Anklet.

Which is your favourite jewellery piece from our Luzzu collection? We would love to know! Discover all of the collection and shop here.