Although always a classic staple, hoop earrings have taken this year’s fashion scene by storm. Customising your own earrings to suit your personality and pairing them with a unique combination of dainty necklaces has become the trend for 2019.

This season sees playful, bold, colourful and eye-catching jewellery, so have fun mixing and matching to dress your ears to the nines!

The New Hoop Earrings Are Here

This month we’re introducing the NEW large 3cm Hoop, available in rose gold and silver. Wear these earrings alone or, better still, dress them up with your favourite Mvintage interchangeable pendants.


These pendants can be worn on chains, bracelets and hoops, making it easy to build, curate and personalise your very own jewellery and style.

Whether you want to be playful and make a statement or choose matching pendants to create an elegant set, the options are unlimited. Here are some ideas that follow the earring trends for 2019.

It’s Written in the Stars

The stars have aligned. Celestial jewellery has made its way to this season’s accessory scene. Check out our favourite picks from the Zodiac Collection. They’ll have you starry-eyed in no time.  

Find your Zodiac jewellery here


Meaningful Jewellery Goes a Long Way

Dress your ears with all that’s meaningful to you. Whether it's your Strength, Determination, Intellect or your admirable Ambition, use your earrings to represent your best qualities. Available in all sorts of shapes and sizes, choose from a range of meaningful stones that are close to your heart.

Explore the Little Treasures Collection.


The Mismatch Earrings Trend

From subtle to outstanding. This year sees the return of statement-making jewellery. So why not embrace your inner extra and pick mismatching pendants to create a head-turning pair of earrings? After all, they were all over the Spring 2019 runway!


Wear Your Heart on Your Hoops 

Add an 80’s flair to your outfit with these must-have heart pendants and go a step further by engraving your name, initials or an important date. Yes, that’s right, you can write your very own message on your ears to make a fashion (and literal) statement.


Elegance Never Goes Out Of Style

For a more sleek and elegant look why not pair your necklace with your earrings? If you already own an Mvintage necklace, pick out your matching pendants, loop them into your hoops and create the perfect set.

Discover the Mvintage Flower bud pendant for a more classic look.


Stay True To Your Roots

Whether foreign or a local, flaunt Malta’s Heritage wherever you go. Inspired by cultural relics; ornate Maltese tiles, intricate lace patterns and the vivid spectrum of our treasured island, these pieces are

definitely a must-have for both foreign and locals. Each piece reflects the essence of our Maltese heritage and is crafted in a new light, embodying a collection rediscovered.


Life is Too Short For Only One Pair Of Earrings

For those with multiple piercings, this one’s for you. Make a statement by wearing 2 different hoop sizes per ear and have fun creating playful combinations that show flair and style.


Good Vibes Only

Ward off the Monday Blues and celebrate love and compassion with Positive Energy Pendants. This Collection is designed in the spirit of love and crafted to connect through sharing.


Add a little Edge 

Finally, upgrade your hoops with a Shield pendant, a token of protection and safeguarding. Whether it's joy, positivity or uniqueness there's definitely a shield to represent your personality.