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01 Oct 2020


01 Oct 2020


A woman with outstanding determination, focus and faith that encourages her to keep fighting for equality in the face of many uphill challenges. An advocate for the local LGBTIQ community.


Mvintage Faith Shero - Gabi Calleja


Check Out Gabi's Full Interview here:

After coming out later on in her life, Gabi made it her mission to have the LGBTIQ community have as many equal rights as any other person. She turned to the Malta LGBTIQ Right Movement, this is where her activism began, as a volunteer. Initially she did this to get to know new people in the same position as her. Eventually taking on more of a leadership role in the organization.

Mvintage Faith Shero - Gabi Calleja


As a woman with a go get it attitude, when Gabi was asked why she joined the voluntary organisation, she stated “I knew where I wanted to get to and I worked towards that. The other is a sense of justice”. She went on to say “Every time a same sex couple gets married, I cheer, in a sense it’s my victory, it’s part of my story even though I might not necessarily know the couple. Love for the win”

Mvintage Faith Shero - Gabi Calleja


Gabi is an advocate for change. Everything she does is done with her head held high and she thoroughly believes in putting in the work now, so future generations will not have to live through the hardships some individuals are facing today. “Decisions are made by those who show up. Get your hands dirty and create change”

Mvintage Faith Shero - Gabi Calleja


Being that we are in October, the month of Breast cancer awareness, we asked Gabi if she had any words of advice for our followers. She stated “Cancer is an equal opportunity sickness. Take care of yourself. If there’s anything you can do to make sure you’re healthy, do it”

Mvintage Faith Shero - Gabi Calleja


Gabi is being honoured as an Mvintage Shero for her Faith. Check out our Faith pendants and enjoy endless playful combinations with these simple yet stunning pieces.

Mvintage Faith Stone


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