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01 Oct 2020


01 Oct 2020


A passionate activist for animal rights, Francesca Runcle raised more than €140,000 to build an abandoned dog sanctuary in Birzebbuga. Her kindness knows no limits when it comes to protecting our four-legged friends and we can all agree that she is their SHERO. 

Mvintage Kindness Shero - Francesca Runcie


Check Out Francesca's Full Interview Here: 

A teacher by profession and a volunteer for long years helping abandoned animals, Francesca is today an activist for Animal rights, ensuring that the legal system protects these animals and punishes abusers.

Mvintage Kindness Shero - Francesca Runcie


Her story dates back to when she was sixteen years old. Her sister had asked her if she wanted to visit an animal shelter for the day. Francesca was shocked at what she saw. A young lady was taking care of around 90 dogs all by herself. Upon seeing this, Francesca, who was always a passionate dog lover, immediately felt the need to help out in any way she could.


Fourteen years later, the sanctuary could no longer operate from the same property and Francesca was asked if she could help out to raise funds. Together they raised almost €140,000 and they managed to build an animal sanctuary in Birzebbuga.

Mvintage Kindness Shero - Francesca Runcie

Mvintage admires the kindness and the great positivity of Francesca. She shares so much love with these animals and works passionately to give them a second chance in life.


Francesca is also a very confident woman with a very strong advice to other women:

Mvintage Kindness Shero - Francesca Runcie


Francesca has recently lost her father to cancer. During this month of October, she joined us in helping to raise awareness for Breast Cancer.

Mvintage Kindness Shero - Francesca Runcie


Francesca is being honoured as an Mvintage Shero for her Kindness. Check out our Kindness pendants and enjoy endless playful combinations with these simple yet stunning pieces.

Mvintage Kindness Stone


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