This Mother’s Day, we’re honouring Mum by celebrating her devotion to nurturing us into strong individuals; planting her seeds and watching us grow.

It’s that time of year to shower Mum with flowers, gifts and best wishes to thank her for all she’s done for us. 

No matter how old we get, our Mothers continue to be our refuge. They always have the right words to guide us, a warm embrace to welcome us home and a gentle smile to make us feel loved and cared for. 

To thank Mum for all she’s done for us, we’ve created an exclusive gift just for her, a token of appreciation for shielding us and providing us with all the necessary tools to help us reach our full potential. 

Introducing the Limited Edition Flower Bud Pendant, a symbol of a mother’s love. This dainty pendant is inspired by the growth of a delicate flower. As a flower bud safeguards its petals from the elements, so too does a mother’s love protect, nourish and provide strength for her children.

The exclusive piece features an alluring stone element and boasts a charming design, echoing a mother’s warm embrace. Each pendant is available in a range of 9 meaningful stones. Whether it’s her kindness which knows no bounds or loving support which keeps you going, you’ll surely find a flower bud which represents your Mum’s best qualities.


Kindness Stone

Nothing can compare to the warmth and kindness of a mother’s heart. Represented by semi-precious pink quartz, the Mvintage kindness stone promotes love and grace in its wearer. Its delicate veining and soft hues of pink give the stone a calming essence, perfect for a Mum who has given you her all. 

Affection Stone

If it’s your Mum’s embrace and affection which add sweetness to your life then this meaningful stone is for her. The semi-precious blue lace agate, boasting serene shades of sky blue and streaks of white, promotes intimacy and tenderness in its wearer.

Our Love stone is a symbol of love in its purest form. Made from hand-crafted faceted glass, this stone is shaped and inspired by the delicate shades of pink tourmaline, designed with Mums in mind.

Uniqueness Stone 

They say that a Mother is she who can take the place of all others, but whose place no one else can take. We couldn’t agree more. Our uniqueness stone promotes such individuality and freedom in its wearer and is designed for a Mum who is one of a kind.

Explore the full range of Mvintage Meaningful Stones here.


The Mvintage Mother’s Day Gift Guide 

It doesn’t stop there. This Mother’s Day we’ve prepared an entire gift guide for you to choose from. Here you’ll find a range of stunning gift sets perfectly packaged in signature Mvintage gift boxes, complete with a Mother’s Day card. 

Feeling a little more creative? Mix, match, layer and stack your favourite Mvintage pieces, be it your Mum’s birthstone, her zodiac sign or her initial. Top this off with a readily-engraved pendant boasting a special message for Mum.

Mother’s Day Special Offer 

Last but not least, to mark this special occasion, we’re launching a Mother’s Day Offer which is definitely not worth missing out on.

Choose jewellery worth €149 or more and receive a Limited Edition Flower Bud pendant of your choice as a gift*. Offer valid until stock lasts.


One more thing... 

Although Mother’s Day is a beautiful time to celebrate, your Mum’s are there for your every single day. So if you haven’t already done so, today call your mum, give her a hug or simply tell her thank you.

*T&Cs apply. The offer is redeemable both online and in-store from 15th April to 12th May or until stocks last and may not be used in conjunction with any other discount/promotion.

The Limited Edition Flower Bud can also be bought separately at €39.99.